What a Building’s Exterior Paint Says about Your Company

What a Building’s Exterior Paint Says about Your Company

Do you ever doubt the legitimacy or effectiveness of a business because of its exterior colour? You may even feel put off as you approach a particular office building or store, for no other reason other than how dilapidated and uninspiring it looks. Let’s face it, faded, chipped, and peeling just doesn’t cut it in the commercial world.

Have you considered what your own building’s exterior paint tells passersby and potential customers about your company? If not, it might be time to give it some serious thought.

Painting Contractors Know the Power of Commercial Colours

Often, business managers and retailers focus only on a line of products or services and pay much less attention to how they are presented. And that doesn’t mean just creative window displays and glossy interior décor; the general condition and particularly colour of your retail exterior speaks volumes about your attitude, approach to business and willingness to accommodate customers and make their experience as pleasant as possible.

Unfortunately, not every business owner consults skilled painting contractors when it’s time to choose the colour of their building’s exterior. Researchers have validated the influence of colour on people’s moods. There are attractive colours, and those that put people off, even up to a point in which they have second thoughts on dealing with a company. In selecting a catchy colour for your company’s exterior, don’t just sort hurriedly through some sample chips or go with your favourite shade. There are other factors that come into play and tried and true principles behind choosing successfully.

Painting Contractors Choose Great Commercial Colours

Many people might just opt for a neutral colour such as cream or beige for the main exterior, deciding that is “safe” and inoffensive. Maybe, but it’s also boring and has the added disadvantage of readily showing the discoloration of water stains in a coastal climate and is also a more attractive target for graffiti.

Clinics and hospitals may select white because it reflects sterility and purity. If you’re running a health centre, this may be appropriate, but knowledgeable painting contractors will have some appealing alternatives up their sleeves.


Restaurants and bars are great settings for deep reds, which is attention-grabbing but not overly flashy. It suggests that a warm, inviting interior awaits. Not only that: red is known to induce hunger and improve the mood of customers, which can only work in your favour.

Salons and spas often benefit from the colour green, which exudes a feeling of healing and relaxation and a reflection of nature.

Executive offices, meanwhile, should exude a feeling of trust and confidence, which are characteristics of earthy colours, such as brown and deep sage.

 Legal or architectural firms. If you run a respected practice located in a refurbished heritage style home, historic shades can work wonders to highlight the traditional character of the building, such as a rich plum, brick red or French grey. Experienced painting contractors will do their homework and strive for authenticity and complementary trim colour to create just the right effect.

Put Yourself in the Right Hands with Painting Contractors

When finding the proper overall paint colour for your building’s exterior, look at it through the eyes of your prospective customers. Consider what shades will minimize the building’s flaws while maximizing its aesthetic appeal.

If you’re ready to refresh the exterior and aren’t sure about the best colour scheme to suit your building’s architecture and match your company’s image, don’t hesitate to consult with trusted painting contractors. Let them help you choose the right hues, and you just may see a lot more interest in what you have to offer.

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