Home Painting: Why Darker Colours Make a Room More Elegant

Navy blue, charcoal, burgundy, dark brown: great ideas for a winter coat, you may be thinking. We tend to avoid these darker shades as the prominent colour in room décor, but with a little derring-do, they might just be the angle you’re after to usher in an air of elegance and sophistication. A room featuring walls in rich, jewel-like tones is just plain fun to decorate, and can lend itself beautifully to more vibrant choices in furniture, accessories and especially artwork.

Here are a few useful tips and comments about using dark colours when some fresh, bold home painting is on the agenda:

Making the mood – Light and bright colours are often considered casual. Darker colours add elegance to a room and bring a more subtle tone to the space. They also convey confidence and calmness. A chief element in using dark colours successfully for home painting is the creation of contrast. Items in rooms with darker walls will really be showcased and stand out in a more obvious way.

Keep the kitchen in mind – Sure, kitchens are utilitarian, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be classy, too. Colour really comes into play when it successfully sets off other design elements, such as custom cabinetry and granite countertops. Stainless steel appliances against rich, charcoal kitchen walls are a stunning combination.

Surely not the bedroom! If the suggestion of a dark colour in the bedroom makes you gasp, remember that blending deeper shades into the background makes for a beautiful cocoon-like

environment, just perfect for relaxation. Mix in fresh white linens and pastel lamp shades and once again, contrast sets the tone.

The right lighting  Darker shades work well in rooms that have plenty of natural light from windows or skylights, or carefully chosen artificial lighting in just the right places. Lamps that cast a warmer glow are usually more successful in complementing deeper wall shades. Think through the lighting plan in conjunction with your home painting plan. Consider spreading light sources around the room, rather than having only a central ceiling fixture.

Trust your taste – Be sure that the darker hues you choose are based on colours that truly please you and ones that you won’t tire of too easily. When your home painting project involves darker colours, a concern may be that the room will end up too dim and shadowy looking. With this in mind, always test out a patch of paint on your walls before making the final decision.

Dip your toe in – You can always go one step at a time. A single feature wall in a deep colour might be all that’s needed to add the elegance you want to capture. This can also be a good way to start if you’re hesitant about going all dark all at once, and will give you a real taste of the possible overall effect.

Home Painting: Dark Colours do You Proud

When the effect of your dark wall colour is just right, everything else comes into focus. Art is stunningly showcased and simply pops off the wall, architectural details are highlighted and the overall mood is marvelous. Few design opportunities give you the ability to create both contrast and coziness, and pair drama with intimacy. Let your home painting specialist give you some expert advice in the use of deliciously deep, elegant tones for any room.

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