A Commercial Painter: Perfect for Your Factory or Warehouse

Let’s face it: if you own or manage a facility as large as a factory or warehouse, the prospect of painting it yourself isn’t too appealing. For most businesses, in fact, it’s practically impossible, even with “in-house” assistance. The disruption to normal on-site procedures alone often creates an unrealistic and unmanageable situation. And simply put, mistakes and miscalculations cost time and money.

Whether it is the interior or exterior of your commercial facility that needs improvement, and regardless of the kinds of surfaces most in need of painting, you can see the project undertaken both on time and within budget. That’s where the expedient, professional services of a skilled commercial painter come in.

What to Consider before a Commercial Painter Begins

Before having an extensive facility properly painted, you need to consider several things ahead of time and be prepared to give specific information to the commercial painter to ensure that both the planning and painting go smoothly.

  • The size and scope of the paint job – This is the first thing you need to determine, so that your commercial painter has the dimensions and other facts needed to prepare a more precise estimate that you know will work within your allotted budget. Once the scope of the painting project is determined, they can also more accurately predict the time frame necessary to complete the work and for how long your facility’s operations will be affected.
  • What is the space used for? – Is your warehouse for keeping metal scraps and other recyclables, or is it a storage facility for expensive vehicles and equipment? If it is a factory or other manufacturing facility, knowing the exact purpose of all of the buildings involved will help the commercial painter determine not only the optimum paint required, but how to work within or around the scheduled hours of your operation.

Hire a Responsible Commercial Painter

Hiring a reliable professional commercial painter will definitely make things easier for you in many ways. Not only will the company provide all of the necessary tools, equipment and supplies for all needed prep work and painting, they will also approach the job with absolute safety in mind.

You can expect the job to be of high quality and completed on time, and that your commercial painter will:

  • scrape away any peeling or blistered paint and prep the area for painting
  • minimize disturbances to the daily operations of your business facility
  • use the appropriate paint and equipment to ensure a durable finish
  • recommend colors and styles of paint most suited to the project

Make it Painless with a Commercial Painter

Whether you are responsible for a production factory or distribution warehouse, there are a number of important factors to consider in preparing for a commercial painter. Thorough planning and preparation will make a huge difference in having your large-scale commercial property painted with minimal disruption. For a project this big, hiring an experienced commercial painter to handle the job is the wisest decision you can make.

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