Painters Vancouver

Protecting your biggest investment.

With your biggest investment you want to make sure it not only maintains its looks, but also its structural integrity—all of which will have an effect on its long-term value. With our expertise and years of experience we can help guide you through the important choices to ensure you have a quality painting job you are satisfied with and one that will protect your investment for years to come.

KASSEL PAINTING THE Best house painters in vancouver

When is comes to Painters in Vancouver, our goal is to deliver a beautiful end result and give our customer a stress free and a pleasurable painting experience. Part of the your painting experience we will be our handling of the prep work, painting and full clean up at the end of every job.


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Interior Painting

Interior painting is much less serious than outside work. Your house won’t fall down because you didn’t paint the living room. But it is equally true that nothing makes a bigger difference than painting when you want to update your home and make it into a cozy, inviting space you are proud of.

Exterior Painting

Apart from curb appeal or appearance alone, it is vital that the house is kept well protected from the weather and especially the rain. Vancouver is a city reclaimed from a rainforest and so we get a lot of rain. Nature was here before we were so no point trying to argue about it.

Commercial Painting

First Impressions are very important. Before a prospective client or customer gets to know your business, all they have to go by is your appearance – the image your company projects. A good image sends a message that a business is doing well. This attracts more business and the company expands.

Client Reviews

They Say it Best


"I come and appraise your painting project, provide a firm written estimate by email and after that it’s up to you. Of course if you have questions I’m always available to clarify. That’s how we do it.”

– Peter Byrne, Owner-Operator