Vancouver Painters

paint contractorsLet’s face it: many of us suffer from the fear factor of choosing the wrong colour when planning for home painting. The beauty of it is, part of the convenience of using paint is also the ease of changing it. You don’t have to commit to one colour forever.

If you are unhappy with a particular shade, don’t just cower in shame and live with it. Take a deep breath. How liberating to realize that you can relax and trust your own instincts. If you are truly unhappy with the results, it’s not the end of the world.

The Courage to Move beyond White

Although white (and its merry band of myriad off-whites) will always be a trusted neutral, every once in a while, you understandably feel the urge to try something new. Bolder, deeper, and more interesting. Colours that express your taste and personality. There’s a whole world of them waiting to be discovered and you’re ready to venture into it. But when faced with Continue Reading…

I used Kassel Painting to paint my very tall duplex in Strathcona. The wood has seen better days and a portion where the sun is intense peeled. I do not live in Vancouver any more so did not see this within the year warranty. I called Peter and he had James Wood, the painter who did the job, meet with me. Peter then got back to me and offered a compromise that I felt was fair. Both James and Peter were very professional and pleasant to deal with. I have owned a number of rentals over the years and good honest Vancouver painters are hard to come by. I would use this company for any work I have and I would recommend them to anyone needing their services. Peter is free to give out my email should anyone have questions.

Sharon Simpson
Vancouver, BC