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Vancouver painterWhen it comes to painting the exterior of your Vancouver home, after from the all-important decision to leave this tricky and potentially dangerous job to a top-notch professional, the next vexing verdict to be tackled is: What colour will look good?

Aside from popularity, there are a number of factors to consider when making your choice. For instance, have a good second look at the colours of the neighboring homes. Not to say be a total copycat, but do go for reasonable compatibility with the area’s general theme. No one wants to live next to a harshly-hued eyesore.

At the same time, make sure to choose a colour that suits the design of your house. Hiring a Vancouver painter to provide sound advice and show you a full range of choices will alleviate the stress.

Classy Colours for Exterior Painting

1.  Gorgeous Greys

Ask a Vancouver painter and he’ll tell you that grey (and not just those “50 shades”!) has risen in popularity when it comes to colour selection for home exteriors. Grey is valued for having presence while being easy on the eyes and is part of Continue Reading…

Vancouver painterAside from what you might gather from home improvement magazines or DIY project TV programs, painting isn’t always as easy as pie. Here are some excellent tips and good advice from a trusted Vancouver painter to help you avoid the most common pitfalls.

1.      Cracking or flaking

Low-quality paint can cause this unsightly problem. If the cracking doesn’t go down to the substrate, remove the loose paint, sand to feather the edges, prime bare spots and repaint. For cracking that does reach the substrate, remove all paint and prime the wood or plaster before repainting. Apply high-quality paint at the recommended spreading and thinning rates.

2.      Mildew  

In a climate like the Pacific Northwest, where moisture is prevalent much of the year, learn from the experience of a trusted Vancouver painter who Continue Reading…

Vancouver painterHiring a professional Vancouver painter for multiple or frequent projects can add up, especially if you have a lot of space to cover. So it’s always a huge benefit to discover a reputable Vancouver painter who also offers a great customer loyalty program.

Tried and true painting companies sometimes create innovative reward programs to help customers reduce their ongoing painting costs, in exchange for loyalty to the option of using their services. What it boils down to is a definite win-win situation.

How Loyalty Programs Work

Simply put, loyalty programs are designed to reward repeat customers with savings. Companies appreciate information from their customers, including their preferences and the regularity of their need for products or services. Trusted companies with loyalty programs know Continue Reading…


Commercial Painter VancouverLet’s face it: if you own or manage a facility as large as a factory or warehouse, the prospect of painting it yourself isn’t too appealing. For most businesses, in fact, it’s practically impossible, even with “in-house” assistance. The disruption to normal on-site procedures alone often creates an unrealistic and unmanageable situation. And simply put, mistakes and miscalculations cost time and money.

Whether it is the interior or exterior of your commercial facility that needs improvement, and regardless of the kinds of surfaces most in need of painting, you can see the project undertaken both on time and within budget. That’s where the expedient, professional services of a skilled commercial painter come in.

What to Consider before a Commercial Painter Begins

Before having an extensive facility properly painted, you need to consider several things ahead of time and be prepared to Continue Reading…


Vancouver Painter House InspectionWhether the planned project is interior or exterior, before any home painting job starts, it is important that the overall condition of your home is carefully assessed. For an exterior project, things such as rotting wood or rusty gutters and eaves troughs, for example, are conditions that should be identified and dealt with before any actual painting begins.

The condition of the house will affect a number of things, such as the cost of the job and the estimated time for completion. When hiring an experienced Vancouver painter to work on your home, have them carry out a thorough initial inspection as part of the job; most reputable painting companies will already have a comprehensive inspection procedure in place.

Interior Inspection before Home Painting

A dependable Vancouver painter will inspect and assess the interior of your home prior to painting, including the integrity of walls, doors, trim work, windowsills and baseboards. They will check for things such as water or humidity damage, rot, peeling, holes, the presence of mildew, and any other damage or deterioration which may need to be addressed or repaired.

After their inspection, the painting company can determine if there is work that will need to be done prior to painting, such as the removal of wallpaper or the repair of water leaks. They can also determine Continue Reading…


Vancouver PainterThe appeal of your home’s exterior greatly affects its market value. And that includes the quality of any painting you have done on wood, stucco, concrete, brick or other surfaces. Since this is the first thing that people see, the exterior of your house also gives a lasting impression about your general habits in caring for the house and its overall maintenance, inside and out.

If you don’t consider the look of your home’s exterior to be as important as the décor inside, think again. If you want to catch eye of prospective home buyers, remember that paint that’s faded or peeling can make your house look much older than it really is.

Make for Good Neighbours with a Vancouver Painter

It’s not just fences, as they say. Even if you aren’t planning to put your house on the market in the near future, take pride in keeping it attractive. Don’t become the eyesore on the block. A good Vancouver painter will highly recommend repainting your house during the dryer season. The wetter, windier weather of late fall and winter definitely take their toll on your home’s exterior, so think seriously about getting the job done while conditions are optimum.

A Vancouver Painter Knows the Benefits of Dry Days

When it comes to outdoor painting, it is well worth it to strike while the weather’s warm. Here are just two excellent reasons to take advantage of exterior painting before the going gets cold and damp. Continue Reading…


Painting a home for resalePainting your home for resale is different than any other painting. When you’re selling you are trying to reach a wide variety of people with different tastes and inspire them to view your home as their home – not yours.

Therefore you’re taking a big gamble when you decide to repaint your home for selling but choose colours you love, because others may love them not so much.

You’re much better to use Continue Reading…


It’s been an incredibly positive experience right from the start. Was a busy time for Jenn and I with the closing, etc, and your patience while I sorted things was much appreciated; as were your recommendations when we finally met up.

And Sabi’s been absolutely amazing. Took about 5 minutes after meeting him to come to realize just how much passion he has for his work and how much he cares about his clients and their needs. That he mentioned major drywall repairs doesn’t surprise me, pretty clear he wants it to look flawless and I’m sure that’ll help. I don’t think it’ll be necessary, and agree some art on the flat finish will make it look really good; though from what I’ve seen it already looks really really good, so I’m really not concerned in the slightest. Nor is Jenn, we both agree that if we’re asked to recommend someone to paint we won’t hesitate to pass your name along.

M. Fraser
Vancouver, BC


We made a great decision to go with Kassel painting after seeking 4 different quotes. Peter’s evaluation of the project was excellent, he did a superb job of communicating all the steps required, and the quote was very reasonable. Sabi and his crew are artisans of their trade, and completed a very skilled and professional job on our house that was a medium to difficult job. They cautiously avoided damaging our brand new roof and metal flashings, and did not rush the job. They were respectful and courteous and exceeded my expectations. I will gladly have them back on future jobs, and happily recommend them to others.

Jim Ryan
North Vancouver, BC


House Painting PlansWhat are some of the first things to consider when painting the interior of a house? Aside from the time and effort involved, there are a number of other important factors to consider, which is why smart people hire skilled, professional residential painters to handle the hassles and do the job right. Consult with a home interior painting expert.

What to Decide Before Home Interior Painting Starts:

1. Theme – Do you have a theme in the house? Do you have several? Some people tend to match the interior of their house with the outside architecture, while others don’t feel the need to meld the two. Many homeowners have several themes in their home, and sometimes even a different one for each room. Think of any and all possible themes you want and where, and decide on the colours that will suit them best.

2. Mood – Aside from thinking about what you want to see inside your house, you should also consider what you want to Continue Reading…


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