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residential painters in VancouverPlanning to have your home’s exterior painted professionally, but need some key questions answered first? Here are some of the most commonly asked questions that homeowners pose about outdoor painting.

Q: Can paint cover all types of exterior surfaces?

A: Almost everything can be painted. The most common surfaces painted include:

  • Wood siding (usually cedar, redwood or pine); another type of wood siding, called T-111, is harder to keep painted because of the many cracks in the plywood. If your house has T-111 siding that is stained, consider re-staining instead of painting.
  • Vinyl and steel can be painted, but there several things to consider. Generally, painting steel siding is the same as painting other types of siding, but vinyl siding and trim require some extra steps. Consult with your residential painters to Continue Reading…

It’s easy to think of colour as simply a design element to make your home look interesting. Painting a room in rainbow colours might be seen as a novelty at first, but in the long run, too many shades do nothing to make a home feel like—well, a real home. This is particularly important for the part of the house where family members gather and guests are entertained: the living room. Colour affects mood, and residential painters in particular will help you achieve the room’s best look and feel .
Red Colour Swatches

The Study of Colour in Residential Painting

Different colours can trigger certain moods and feelings. Red, for instance, invokes alertness, while some people find themselves feeling a little extra hungry or motivated. Blue tends to make people feel calm, and yellow often induces happiness. A specialist in residential paint projects knows how vital the play of colours is to a living space.

Let Residential Painters Match Living Room Colour with Function

What does your family do most in the living room? Continue Reading…