painting houses

Many of my blogs talk about how to paint a house, why to paint a house or what colour to paint a house. And while these are important things to know, particularly if you are in the business of painting houses, there is something even more important.


I cannot imagine a housepainter, upon his final shuffle off this mortal coil, (ie: dead – Google it) standing outside the gates of heaven, being interrogated by Saint Peter as to whether or not he painted Mrs Blumgarten’s kitchen the right colour.

Painting Houses in Vancouver, BCNo, I think when the end has come the most important thing is how we, in this life, dealt with the people we encountered not the things. Oddly enough though the two do come together. If you treat Mrs Blumgarten well and are interested in not just her kitchen or her wallet but who she is then magically the painting experience goes better too!

Painting Houses and Communication

This comes down to a most essential element – Continue Reading…