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office painting contractors in VancouverA well-functioning work setting is an integral part of successfully running any company, and any disruption is almost always a drawback. That’s why painting contractors who work in commercial settings, including office buildings, stores, and restaurants, for example, know that downtime is not only an inconvenience, but it can also mean the loss of productivity and revenue.

Don’t let a dingy, old looking office space “paint” an image of unprofessionalism and laziness. Who needs to make a bad impression that can potentially chase away clients? Keep things looking classy by hiring an experienced commercial painter to make things presentable.

Qualities of Good Painting Contractors

Here are a few points to zero in on when consulting with potential painting contractors:

Price: Beware of quotes that seem too good to be true, as they usually are and may invite a slapdash job. Ask for a price breakdown for all stages of the job, and clearly establish who is responsible for the moving of furniture and other items, both Continue Reading…

painting contractorsWhen planning for interior painting in your home, the first thing you automatically think of is freshening up the walls. Most people often forget about also taking care of baseboards and molding, the trim around windows and doors, and last but not least, the ceilings. Remember that the surfaces of a room don’t exist in isolation; you’d be surprised how yellowed and dingy ceilings can look, for example, next to newly painted walls.

Before receiving a firm estimate from and finalizing an agreement with your painting contractors, you should examine your intended painting project areas as carefully and thoroughly as possible to make those all-important decisions about what definitely does and doesn’t need to be rescued with some cosmetic repair and a fresh coat of colour.

Prior to Painting Contractors, Examine Trim and Ceilings, Too

Consider each room or area to be painted more or less in sections or as a collection of components, examining all trim in one go, for example, so nothing gets missed. Walls are generally a given, of course, but do take note specifically of Continue Reading…

Do you ever doubt the legitimacy or effectiveness of a business because of its exterior colour? You may even feel put off as you approach a particular office building or store, for no other reason other than how dilapidated and uninspiring it looks. Let’s face it, faded, chipped and peeling just doesn’t cut it in the commercial world.

Have you considered what your own building’s exterior paint tells passersby and potential customers about your company? If not, it might be time to give it some serious thought.

Painting Contractors Know the Power of Commercial Colours

painting contractorsOften, business managers and retailers focus only on a line of products or services and pay much less attention to how they are presented. And that doesn’t mean just creative window displays and glossy interior décor; the general condition and particularly colour of your retail exterior speaks volumes about your attitude, approach to business and willingness to accommodate customers and make their experience as pleasant as possible.

Unfortunately, not every business owner consults skilled painting contractors when it’s time to choose the colour of their building’s exterior. Researchers have validated the influence of colour on people’s moods. There are attractive colours, and Continue Reading…