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House Painting with Feng ShuiA lot of people have come to believe in the Feng Shui system, which can be incorporated into practically everything that a person does: how money is spent, who to have business transactions with, how room décor is arranged; and even the choice of colours for painting your house.

Feng Shui is centered around the belief that your actions must be in harmony with the forces of nature to invite positive energy. This idea can be incorporated into the construction of a house from the ground up, and most certainly for selecting colours when painting a house. Many famous and successful people have ascribed to the principles of Feng Shui over the years, including Donald Trump, Bill Gates and Oprah Winfrey. So hey… who knows? If you’re curious, read on!

Feng Shui Colour Tips:

When you’re thinking about turning your luck around, consider these basic tips in painting a house in accordance with Feng Shui practices: Continue Reading…


Inside: Well for inside paint it is very simple – it will last until you get tired of looking at it. And if you bang the vacuum into the baseboards and kids grind muck into the walls and so on well then, a little less. But outside paint is a much, much different story…

Outside: Inside the home there is no weather, which is the biggest factor damaging paint. What do we mean by weather?


Well sunshine burns away at the paint. Imagine if you stood outside in one spot year-round with one coat of sunscreen. How much Ultra Violet (UV) radiation would you be exposed to in a year? 5 years? 10? The sun breaks down the paint over time and as we know, radiation doesn’t just hit the surface but goes t-h-r-o-u-g-h things and this affects the wood underneath to some degree, breaking up those cells. The heat from the sun also dries out the oils and glue that hold the wood cells together. (Ever seen an old grey barn? It’s sunburned.) Continue Reading…