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home paintingA great painter has put a lot of time into their craft. Having put enough time into the process, I can immediately see the small and seemingly insignificant things that affect my approach with a home painting project. Whether it’s inside or outside, there are certain aspects that my professional painting crew should understand before starting. I can shed some light here by looking at five inspection points a great painter should know about.

Indoor Checklist for Home Painting

Identifying those small factors that will help set up the best indoor home painting project can be difficult. There are many that I look for, but these are three that tend to stand out. They deal with both the mechanical and aesthetic difficulties of a job.

  • Easy access? How long a job will take can be determined in a large part by how easy it is to get at the surfaces. Covering furniture is the easiest option for a homeowner to avoid paint spills on their possessions, but working around that furniture can Continue Reading…

preparing for a painting job VancouverBefore any interior painting job get underway, there are some simple steps to take that will ensure that your furniture and other belongings remain unscathed and spatter-free, and that your professional painter can complete the project quickly and without the worry of tipping over Great Aunt Gertie’s heirloom vase.

Here’s a handy checklist of the best prep steps you can take ahead of time, for safety and efficiency at every turn.

1. Clear the Room! Lighter furnishings and furniture should be removed from the room whenever possible.

2. To Move & Protect. Shift the heavy furniture to the middle of the room before covering it with plastic sheeting or a canvas drop cloth to protect it from spatters. Tuck in the covering and use masking or painter’s tape to secure it.

3. Keep it Clean. Many people make the mistake of not doing any cleaning at all until the painting job is finished. But any dust particles or other Continue Reading…

good home painting in VancouverTell the truth: are there some old, partly full paint cans taking up room in your basement, crawlspace or garage? Once a home painting job is completed, one of the things that should be done right is the disposal of leftover paint. Any paint that isn’t going to be kept on hand for possible touch-ups down the road should be dealt with responsibly, to ensure that your home remains free of hazards.

Getting rid of old paint (colours that are no longer on your walls) not only saves space, it eliminates confusion when searching for the right colour. Correct methods of paint disposal also mean that the environment doesn’t suffer as a result of a laissez-faire attitude or careless accident.

Responsible Disposal of Oil-Based Paint

  • Check the label to see if it contains lead or any other hazardous materials. (Some older paints require hazardous Continue Reading…

exterior painter in VancouverMost homeowners tend to use more neutral colours for their home’s exterior. Just drive around a typical neighbourhood and you’ll notice that many Vancouver houses are clad in varying yet relatively subdued shades of cream, green, blue and brown, just to name a few. And there’s no question that they look absolutely fine that way.

If you’re the adventurous, love-something-more-offbeat type, however, perhaps you’re wondering… do really bright colours work well for exterior painting? The answer is… why not? Just remember that bright doesn’t have to mean garish or gaudy. If you’re considering deviating from the norm and making your home stand out using brightly coloured paint, you should step outside the box and give it a try.

Paint Chip Colours Don’t Always Look the Same in Reality

Bear in mind that both bright and dark colours in particular can look quite different on a small sample area versus covering a large surface. Just because an Continue Reading…

paint contractorsLet’s face it: many of us suffer from the fear factor of choosing the wrong colour when planning for home painting. The beauty of it is, part of the convenience of using paint is also the ease of changing it. You don’t have to commit to one colour forever.

If you are unhappy with a particular shade, don’t just cower in shame and live with it. Take a deep breath. How liberating to realize that you can relax and trust your own instincts. If you are truly unhappy with the results, it’s not the end of the world.

The Courage to Move beyond White

Although white (and its merry band of myriad off-whites) will always be a trusted neutral, every once in a while, you understandably feel the urge to try something new. Bolder, deeper, and more interesting. Colours that express your taste and personality. There’s a whole world of them waiting to be discovered and you’re ready to venture into it. But when faced with Continue Reading…

home paintingHiring professionals to do your home painting project is ideal to get the great results you are after, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t still save on your bottom line budget. There are a number of simple things that you can do ahead of time to help speed up the process for your painters while lessening the overall cost of the job. Doing what you can to save time before the starting gate opens also means that you can move back into and enjoy your freshly painted rooms that much sooner. Here are some helpful hints to outline the best steps to take when preparing for your painter.

5 Hints for Having a Happy Painter

1. The Takedown

It’s only logical that everything, including paintings, photographs, wall hangings and any other artwork and ornaments, need to be removed from the walls prior to home painting. Rather than leave it to the painter, this is certainly an advance task you can do yourself. That way you are responsible for your great-grandmother’s decorative china plate collection, and can pack and tuck it safely out of harm’s way. That takes care of the obvious items, but here’s the important follow-up: if Continue Reading…

home paintingNavy blue, charcoal, burgundy, dark brown: great ideas for a winter coat, you may be thinking. We tend to avoid these darker shades as the prominent colour in room décor, but with a little derring-do, they might just be the angle you’re after to usher in an air of elegance and sophistication. A room featuring walls in rich, jewel-like tones is just plain fun to decorate, and can lend itself beautifully to more vibrant choices in furniture, accessories and especially artwork.

Here are a few useful tips and comments about using dark colours when some fresh, bold home painting is on the agenda:

Making the mood – Light and bright colours are often considered casual. Darker colours add elegance to a room and bring a more subtle tone to the space. They also convey confidence and calmness. A chief element in using dark colours successfully for home painting is the creation of contrast. Items in rooms with darker walls will really be showcased and stand out in a more obvious way.

Keep the kitchen in mind – Sure, kitchens are utilitarian, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be classy, too. Colour really comes into play when Continue Reading…


home paintingWhen decorating any room in your home, the first thing that establishes the foundation for whatever will follow, including flooring, furniture and fixtures, is the basic paint colour. Nowadays, you can find paint in just about any colour on the spectrum, letting your creativity and imagination take free rein.

If you’re deliberately going for a particular effect, however, such as making a smaller space feel more expansive, pay careful attention to the right rules of thumb. Remember that colour choice not only affects the atmosphere of a room, but also the illusion of spaciousness. When you are striving to heighten a sense of roominess without an actual increase in physical space, it’s generally advisable to rein it in a bit for successful home painting and to select lighter and more neutral colours.

Home Painting and Colours that Create the Illusion of Space

In order for a room to appear larger, you generally need to find ways to make it brighter. This is why choosing colours that are lighter or at least more or less neutral is Continue Reading…


Home Painting for the HolidaysAre you expecting company for the holidays? Parents, cousins, friends, in-laws…they’ll probably all drop by at some point or another, and some will be staying overnight. Of course, you want your house to feel welcoming and look picture perfect. Aside from decorating with bows and boughs, the festive feel of your home will benefit most from some terrific background work. Now, before the seasonal social flurry actually begins, is the right time to have your interior home painting done by skilled and experienced Vancouver painters.

No Time like the Present for Holiday Home Painting

A professionally done interior paint job is actually a simple but effective way to spruce up your home for the upcoming holidays, and now is the perfect time to get started. Of course painting should be done primarily in the areas where you will be entertaining, such as the living room and dining room. But what a good excuse to finally have the kitchen painted, too, a task you’ve been putting off for far too long.

If you have out-of-town friends or family who will be staying with you, then it would be desirable to have any and all guest bedrooms and bathrooms painted, as well.

Pre-Holiday Home Painting Tips and Assurances

Home painting is obviously something that can’t be done overnight, but the same applies to good colour selection and many other aspects of planning the project. Start ahead of time and don’t feel rushed. Here are some dos and don’ts to consider for Continue Reading…