Bedroom with Earth Tone ColoursAfter a long day’s work or a tiring time running errands and doing chores, you look forward to retiring to your bedroom for a power nap, to read a book, or to just plain let go of tension and get a good night’s sleep. The bedroom is your escape from the busy world. The colours that surround you there should promote complete restfulness as you drift off, and help bring a calm start to the day when you wake up in the morning.

An experienced Vancouver painter will tell you that one of the most important elements to make your bedroom exude a feeling of complete relaxation and serenity is the colour scheme that’s chosen to paint the walls. Certain colours incite particular moods in people, whether they are soothing and comforting shades, or palettes that excite and stimulate the mind.

A Vancouver Painter Puts You in the Know

Some of the newest trends in bedroom paint colours are the more natural tones. These include shades of tan, gray, green, blue and white. This is the simplest and best way to bring the freshness of the ocean, the silence of the rain forest and the expanse of blue skies into the room without unnecessary clutter in your décor. Colours found in nature are generally Continue Reading…


Colour PaletteImagine life without colour. Is it like living inside an old TV set, à la Pleasantville? Don’t be depressed by drab. New paint colours are the least expensive way to dramatize, stylize or personalize your home.

A Vancouver Painter: Cheaper than Cosmetic Surgery

While you’re at it, consider particular paint shades to hide any flaws that you want to minimize. You’ll be amazed how the right paint colours can do just that. Consider the pluses of having a knowledgeable Vancouver painter transform your house into a decorative showcase home to be proud of.

The Sky’s the Limit with a Great Vancouver Painter

A credit to its versatility, paint is ideal for introducing captivating colour into your home. It’s absolutely affordable and lets you play with almost limitless tones and shades. Update the appearance of a room, create a mood, suit a season or express your personality. If you’re tired of your old paint colour scheme, Continue Reading…