How to Prepare for Painting – Wall Paper Removal

This, in my opinion. is the world’s worst job next to septic tank re-lining. It takes a long time and there is no really good way to do it, despite all the products on the market.

A wallpaper stripper available from a rental place is an excellent investment and it loosens up the glue which holds the paper to the wall. It has to then be scraped off using some kind of spatula or scraper. Usually the walls are all nicked and gouged after so all that has to be fixed up.

If you have a professional painter ask him if you can do the stripping (of the wallpaper!) prior to painting. This should save you a fortune in hourly charges. The painter can come in at the end and do the repairs after you have done most of the ‘grunt work’. If you can’t do this yourself be prepared to pay quite a bit.