How to Prepare for Painting – Caulking

Caulking is a mastic (paste) that dries to a flexible but strong finish. It also works like an adhesive. Normally it is used to fill gaps where wood trim joins the drywall. Sometimes it can be used for other purposes like making a waterproof seal in bathrooms. That is a silicone caulk and not recommended for painting use because paint doesn’t stick to it. But waterproof clear (or colored) silicone can be used on countertop seams etc.

You will normally just use an acrylic paintable caulk for the gaps at joins of wood and drywall. It comes in a tube like toothpaste or a big caulking tube that requires a special trigger tool to dispense it. Rookies do better with the toothpaste tube. Use a damp rag to wipe off the mess you make, or your finger to make a nice seam along a join. You’ll figure it out with time and practice. I can’t make you an expert instantly!