Condo Painting: 5 Tips for Choosing the Right Colour

condo paintingAs the race for space in city settings intensifies, it’s no secret that condominium units have become so prevalent and popular. Whether high-rise or low, you want your own condo unit to be as personal as possible, with a welcoming feel and attractive décor. The very first step in that direction is to choose the best possible colour for your interior condo painting.

Colour lies at the heart of almost any design concept, and creating a cozy condo haven is no exception. The predominant colour you select will have a starring role in creating just the right ambiance for the fairly limited space offered by most condominium suites. Want to get your condo painting right the first time? Here are some useful tips to note.

Quick Tips to Consider for Condo Painting:

1.      Extend space with bright colours

When it comes to successful condo painting, interior decorators usually opt for colours that seem to extend the small space afforded by the unit. Bright but neutral colours like cream, white and pale taupe tend to create an illusion of space, especially when compared with darker shades, which may make rooms feel more closed in.

2.      Be true to your own taste

One of the most common mistakes people make when choosing a colour for condo painting is that they consult look-books too much and forget to zero in on what colours they really like themselves. Remember, you are going to be looking at those walls for some time to come, and want to make sure that stylish urban atmosphere is based on colours that please you the most.

To assess what colours you’re especially drawn to, look at your clothing and other personal belongings. What colour do you gravitate to most often? Don’t worry if it’s a darker shade, like navy, for example, as you can always go with lighter shades in the blue spectrum. You might discover that you are generally inclined to choose bright pastel colours, or warm earthy hues. Adding a personal touch to your condo unit makes it a comfortable extension of your personality.

3.      Have a Semblance of Balance

condo paintingAt this point, you may have realized what general direction you’d like your condo painting to go in. However,be mindful of choosing other colours to create balance. For example, if you have chosen to paint a particular wall a deep shade of ochre, then offset that by having the adjacent walls in softer hues. Painting everything in the room the same hue works best if you opt for a neutral colour, such as white, cream or pale grey. If you choose more distinct tones, they should be partnered with complementary colours that provide a breather for the eyes.

4.      The 60-30-10 Rule

Interior designers often use what they call the “60-30-10” rule, which means that interior condo painting should comprise 60 percent of the total colour of the unit, while the remaining 30 percent should come from the furniture and the final 10 percent from accent pieces and artwork. Remember this rule of thumb especially when choosing paint colour: the hues should match and complement, not clash with, your furnishings and other décor elements. Make the many elements into a cohesive whole.

5.      KISS me, You Fool!

Some of the best advice to follow when it comes to condo painting is to choose one design theme and stick to it. On that note, don’t underestimate the effectiveness of a monochromatic colour scheme. Putting too many colours together may detract from the overall effect and spoil the point of the design. If you keep it simple, you really can’t go wrong.

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