Painting Inspection with FREE 20 Point Checklist

Interior and Exterior Painting Inspections by Kassel Painting Ltd.
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Painting Inspection HelpsMost of our painting projects are preceded by a free onsite assessment of your property to determine the property’s condition based on this painting checklist.

These are the key factors in determining how extensive the job will be. So they are the major factors we apply when determining what a painting project will cost.

Failing to account for ALL these important FACTORS can result in a “low-ball” or inexpensive quote whereby the client receives a “cut-rate” job which does not last and has to be redone, or worse, causes property damage or lawsuits due to injury from a poorly-equipped or novice crew.

We know, because we have had to remedy many of these failed painting projects performed by others.

PROFESSIONALISM is the best bargain in your renovation budget!

Interior: Painting Inspection

We inspect and assess your home’s interior for the following conditions:

  1. Minor damage – walls (scuffs, scrub marks, stains, nicks, dents, nail holes, hooks)
  2. Minor damage – baseboards & door trim (nicks/scuffs from vacuum cleaner hose,
    shoes, floor cleaning etc.)
  3. Medium damage – oily stains from cooking or cigarettes require cleaner/sealer.
  4. Medium/major damage – water damage to texture ceilings.
  5. Medium/major damage – bathroom/kitchen (wet rooms) – peeling or mildew present.
  6. Major damage – walls (holes) from doorknobs, furniture moving.
  7. Major damage – walls (rot) due to extended water exposure (roof leaks).
  8. Condition – previous incompatible paint – walls or trim. I.e.: Latex over oil visible by
    peeling & flaking.
  9. Condition – window sills – water or humidity damage to paint.
  10. Condition – general trimwork – poorly filled/prepped on installation.
  11. WorkSafe (WCB) – will it require scaffold or staging to access heights?
  12. WorkSafe (WCB) – mildew or mould requiring ventilators?
  13. WorkSafe (WCB) – anyone with allergies requiring toxin-free paint?
  14. Carpentry issues – should other repairs be made first?
  15. Labour Intensive – removal of old wallpaper or vinyl.
  16. Labour intensive – extensive furniture to be moved.
  17. Labour intensive – deep or vivid colours require multiple coats. (more than two coats).
  18. Basic colour consultation – do the colours complement the homes design,
    carpets and furnishings?
  19. Basic colour consultation – is this home to be listed for sale?
  20. Usage – i.e.: family home with toddlers? Adult couple? Etc.
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Based on this inspection checklist we design a tailored decorating scheme, achieving an optimal home environment that balances health, appearance, and usage concerns. Note: You can pre-assess your own home using the checklist to determine if a do-it-yourself or professional project is indicated.

Exterior: Painting Inspection

We inspect and assess your home’s exterior for the following conditions:

  1. Deterioration – amount of peeling paint?
  2. Deterioration – Moisture seeping or trapped behind paint?
  3. Deterioration – Delamination of wood surface? (i.e.: peelings backed by thin layer of wood)
  4. Deterioration – wood rot? (indicates need of carpentry repairs/water intrusion upgrade. replace boards, install drip rail above windows, fix roof, repair, modify or re-align gutters, etc)
  5. Deterioration – missing boards or trim?
  6. Deterioration – Faded paint?
  7. Deterioration – Mildew?
  8. Access concerns – 3 or more stories?
  9. Access concerns – Sloping ground?
  10. Access concerns – too close to neighbouring building?
  11. Access concerns – proximity to power lines?
  12. Access concerns – steep roof requiring special equipment?
  13. Labour intensive – Wood windows, Tudor or other extensive trim increasing scope of work?
  14. Labour intensive – Prefinished (metal/vinyl) windows, soffit, gutters? (Reduces labour as no need to paint)
  15. Labour intensive – more than 2 colours?
  16. Labour intensive – deep or vivid colours require multiple coats. (more than two)
  17. Labour intensive – excess cracks and gaps requiring extensive caulking/filling?
  18. Labour intensive – excess peeling/failing paint requiring stripping or
    mechanical removal and priming.
  19. Horizontal surfaces – concrete slabs or decks or porches exposed to
    weather present unique challenges.
  20. Horizontal surfaces – wood sills on windows deteriorate rapidly.
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