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interior design serviceBefore you choose your new color scheme, consider a designer.  Our interior designer will see what it is you want to achieve, and will make suggestions. There are probably a number of items in your home you still like and enjoy. These should form the basis for future design. By making the best of what you have already, you can save a lot of money.

A designer can perform miracles within your budget, and not just in regards to painting. A good designer can look at your entire interiors and offer many ideas that can transform them into a wonderful living space. And that’s we why have pros on board.

Ours are the best, so call us for this great set of interior design services and make your dreams a reality.

Faux Finish Interior Design Services

Faux Finish Interior Design ServicesFaux (French for ‘false’) Finish is the use of various implements and colours to recreate the illusion of woodgrain or marble, velvet or wood, or many other textures and lovely patterns. The variety of looks and depth of colours are infinite and can be painted to match any interior decorating style.Interior Design Services
The beauty of this type of patterned finish is that, unlike wallpaper, you paint right over it when you want to change it.

Removing wallpaper can be messy and time consuming, and the wall surface often requires extensive work to smooth it out again. Not so with a faux finish. And… whatever you can imagine or dream, our artists can paint it.

Kassel Painting Interior Design Services really make a difference for both interior and exterior home improvement. Read the endorsements from our happy customers.

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