Factory and Warehouse Painting in Vancouver

Factory and warehouse painting are both big projects that often requires the skills of a professional commercial painter. Mistakes and miscalculations can be very costly both in terms of time and money so you want to make sure you are hiring someone who is a professional.

Industrial Painting

Kassel Industrial and Commercial Painting VancouverIndustrial facilities come under regulation for worker safety, cleanliness & hygiene, fire protection and so on. Paint plays a part in this. Painted surfaces must be kept up with rust scraped and metal repainted.

Floors need safety coatings to make them slip-proof. They also need safety markings to note where workers are to walk and to outline the unsafe areas around machines with moving parts. These markings also let employees know where they need to put down a product which increases efficiency and productivity.

Just like in the office, a well-maintained factory tends to encourage more ‘safe practices’ and the workers will treat well-maintained equipment with more care and respect. Painting your factory or warehouse area can be a big step in reducing loss and increasing profits.

Factories and Warehouse Painting

Kassel Commercial Painting VancouverKassel Commercial Painting VancouverFactories and warehouses present their own challenges. Trucks are coming and going and forklifts are whizzing around with 2000 lb loads.

At Kassel Painting, we always approach any job with absolute safety in mind. We also work to minimize the disruption to the premises as we are aware business must still be conducted when painting a working facility.

Safety and cooperation are key. By using a boom lift rather than ladders, we cut labour by approximately 40% making the painting process quicker and less disruptive to the factory or warehouse. This means we can do the job at a lower price, and still make money while providing an excellent job with top-of-the-line paint.

At Kassel Painting you can expect the job to be of high quality, completed on time and within budget

Hiring a professional commercial painter will definitely make things easier for you in many ways. Kassel Painting will provide all of the necessary tools, equipment and supplies for all needed prep work and painting. We even help you choose paint colors by giving you suggestions on what style and color would work best in your business.

We are experienced, quality painters that are safe
and effective on the factory floor.
Saving a few dollars to hire cheap painters that wind up in a WCB claim or lawsuit?
Well, that doesn’t seem like much of a saving in the end.

If you are looking for expert Commercial Painting in Vancouver or elsewhere in the lower mainland, Kassel Painting provides quality Commercial and Industrial Painting Services. Read how our customers have endorsed us here.

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