Careers – Painters! Join Our Successful Residential and Commercial Painting Teams

You are a skilled artisan. You can work at your craft and leave the sales, marketing and office work to us.

As a painter you can spend as much time hunting down work as you spend actually painting. It’s not much fun after a long day on the tools to go out and do estimates at night when you’d rather be home having dinner.

We know this. It’s why many contractors choose to join our team and experience a worry-free environment where the sales, marketing and office work are taken care of by full-time staff.

Kassel Painting is a very successful, expanding company. We are always eager to meet high-quality people to help service our valued customer base and new clients.

Current Career Opportunities Exist for Skilled Project Supervisors

Our current opportunity is for Project Supervisors: hands-on painters who can also run a job from beginning to end successfully. Being a great painter is only the start to successfully filling this position…

Skills required are excellent communication, initiative, ability to work independently, skill at evaluating/solving problems on-the-spot, ability to interact harmoniously with clients and to really listen and understand their needs, acceptance that the customer is boss and knowing our job is to give them exactly what they need and want.

Project Supervisors must have their own job-ready vehicle, cell phone, daily computer/email access, and tools. This is a hands-on job as a painter with the other listed skills added.

Working With Kassel Painting Is a Good Career Choice

Kassel Painting is a stable company, many years in business, financially secure and serving the upper half of the painting market. We have a good system with fair working conditions and good money. 90% of our people have been here for over 7 years and are happy to stay. (Look at our testimonials and see how many of our painters are complimented by name.)

Good painters normally develop a client base of their own over the years including friends and family. We understand this and your initiative and drive is a valued asset. Therefore a Project Supervisor for Kassel Painting is permitted to continue serving their own clients too. Scheduling is flexible allowing you to maintain that independence.

One last thing to note is Kassel Painting Ltd. has a zero-tolerance policy for drugs and alcohol.

If you see a successful partnership opportunity here then contact us by calling 604-436-6052. Tell us as much as you can about yourself and be honest. Nobody is perfect but “up-front” is a good start to being successful. We hope this is the start of a new and stable career.