Very Vancouver: 5 Most Popular Exterior House Paint Colours

Vancouver painterWhen it comes to painting the exterior of your Vancouver home, after from the all-important decision to leave this tricky and potentially dangerous job to a top-notch professional, the next vexing verdict to be tackled is: What colour will look good?

Aside from popularity, there are a number of factors to consider when making your choice. For instance, have a good second look at the colours of the neighboring homes. Not to say be a total copycat, but do go for reasonable compatibility with the area’s general theme. No one wants to live next to a harshly-hued eyesore.

At the same time, make sure to choose a colour that suits the design of your house. Hiring a Vancouver painter to provide sound advice and show you a full range of choices will alleviate the stress.

Classy Colours for Exterior Painting

1.  Gorgeous Greys

Ask a Vancouver painter and he’ll tell you that grey (and not just those “50 shades”!) has risen in popularity when it comes to colour selection for home exteriors. Grey is valued for having presence while being easy on the eyes and is part of a good natural blend for our west coast setting. Grey comes in a huge range of shades, from light granite to slate, charcoal, and everything in between.

2.  Browns Bat 1000

Brown performs well in this neck of the woods, both for visual appeal and practicality. Think rich but gentle taupe to mocha or the deeper extremes of chocolate. Go organic. Rich brown tones combined with warm tan trim colours can really transform a home, and work successfully with stucco exteriors.

3.  Greens Good to Go

Greens also reflect nature, and the varieties of shades make it popular with homeowners in our coastal climate. Nature-inspired colours, such as moss or sage, blend beautifully with landscaping and are extra easy on the eyes. Blue-greens and other aqua tones, as well as lime green shades, can be tricky and clashing is a risk. Great for a margarita, but if you’re unsure about how far to push it when it comes to your home, consult your Vancouver painter.

4.  A Bevy of Blues

Blues are also a Vancouver favorite and are available in hues from navy and indigo (striking with white trim) to blue-greys and French blue. Blues can look particularly effective on true vintage or more recently built heritage-style homes.

5.  Naturally Neutral

Vancouver painterYou can’t go wrong with neutral shades, especially when neighboring homes are in the more subtle, toned-down category. A neutral tone, such as cream, is a popular exterior house paint colour in Vancouver; it brings out more architectural character and is less stark than a brighter white. Your painting pros can help you find a fantastic combination when it comes to the right contrasting trim colour to make your home a sophisticated standout.

The Great Outdoors: Timing is Important for a Vancouver Painter

Remember, you can make a statement without causing an esthetic uproar. And painting the outside of your house is the fastest, most affordable way to enhance its overall appearance. Whether you’re thinking of selling or just want a great new face lift, the next six months are the optimum time to get it done. Call on the expertise of a reliable Vancouver painter for the most impressive results.


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