Update Out of Style Sponge-Painted Walls – Home Interior Painting

Home Interior Painting Sponge Painted Walls Vancouver PainterDesign and décor, especially good quality home interior painting, have great aesthetic value and contribute a lot to the character and personality of your home. The overall atmosphere of your home’s interior hugely depends on colour and texture. If you’re still staring at something that went out of style years ago, consider the boost you’ll give your rooms by bringing them up to date.

Fresh Home Interior Painting Contemporizes Tired Trends

Yes, about 30 years ago, sponge painting gave your walls an interesting, texturized look. But that effect is long gone from the realm of contemporary interior design, and it’s probably just as well. Besides, not every past sponge-painted effort turned out the way it was supposed to, and the amateurish results often linger as the tacky legacy of a DIY weekend project. Mismatched colour combinations and just plain sloppy execution can contribute to the outdated eyesore in living rooms, dining areas, bedrooms, bathrooms, or any place where sponge-painting seemed liked a novel idea at the time. Really tired of looking at that busy effect and just never had the time or energy to properly cover it up? You’re not alone!

Professionals Do the Best Home Interior Painting

Experienced professional painters can take on the task efficiently and in record time, faster than you can say Sponge Bob Squarepants. They have expertise in correctly treating the trickier challenges, such as sponge painting and similar mottled effects that can be harder to cover effectively. After all, good home interior painting is their forte. They know exactly the right type of paint to use and the very latest colours and methods.

Start Fresh with Home Interior Painting

Home Interior Painting Vancouver PainterThe trend nowadays is for more minimalist and a less complicated look for walls and other interior surfaces. Take the first step in having home interior painting experts “expunge” your old hat sponge painting job by asking for a professional consultation and cost estimate of the project from start to fresh new finish.

There are still requests for texturized walls, but not with the use of the old sponge technique.
Create a totally modern look by getting faux finishes with a contemporary flair, such as wood or marble. You’ll be surprised by how far the tools and techniques have come since the 1980s to achieve unique eye-catching wall finishes. Ask your home interior painting specialists to show you samples of what they can do.
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