Understanding Your Contract for Commercial Painting

commercial painting contractor in VancouverWarehouses, offices, stores and other business outlets need a facelift every so often, and one of the easiest ways to do this is with a fresh coat of paint. Naturally, a painting project of this nature can also affect accessibility to your premises and you want to have it done as quickly as possible for a reasonable price, not too much to ask from a professional contractor who has the necessary experience and know-how.

Getting several estimates is fine, but there’s more to it than that. Before making a decision, make sure you’re clear on just what those quotes include. If an overall cost sounds too good to be true, make sure you’re clear on what the price includes.

Questions to Ask Your Commercial Painting Contractor

Before signing the contract, it is best to understand the parameters of the agreement by asking your commercial painting contractor several questions:

1. How many coats of paint are included in the contract price?

To win the bid for your project, some contractors may quote a suspiciously low price in comparison to competitors. This may mean, however, that instead of applying two layers of paint, they may cut corners and do only one. Sure, you want the project to go quickly as possible, but obviously getting a good quality, long-lasting result is what you’re after. Before signing a contract for commercial painting, make sure that the job will include adequate coverage with appropriate, high quality paint.

2. What unforeseen expenses could affect the cost of the project?

It is important for the commercial painting contract to outline in reasonable detail the anticipated costs of the project. However, there can sometimes be unforeseen expenses that may ultimately affect the overall cost of the project. Make it a requirement that the painting company also provides a contingency quote so that you can prepare for any possible added costs, such as any necessary extra patching and repair work to walls or other surfaces that may be discovered along the way.

3. Does the contract include preparation work and clean-up?

commercial paintingIf both preparation and clean up isn’t automatically included, find out exactly what you and your employees will be responsible for, both before and after the actual painting is completed. You’ll want to establish how long the project will take overall, and how quickly your business facility can be fully up and running again. What is a reasonable time frame for paint to dry completely and before any lingering odours should dissipate. Make sure all of your questions are answered and these details clarified.

Schedule Your Commercial Painting with Confidence

Selecting the first commercial painting contractor you come across is not always the best way to proceed. Do some research and look for established contractors who have quality references. Remember that the contract is only as valuable as the parties involved. Beware of the painting companies that offer a detailed contract offering the world, however, don’t deliver, leaving you holding the paint can. Once you’ve opted for an experienced, reliable company with a good reputation and solid business practices, discuss the contract with them thoroughly beforehand, so that you and the chosen contractor are literally “on the same page” and there are no assumptions or surprises.

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