Be a Standout with Brightly Coloured Exterior Paint

exterior painter in VancouverMost homeowners tend to use more neutral colours for their home’s exterior. Just drive around a typical neighbourhood and you’ll notice that many Vancouver houses are clad in varying yet relatively subdued shades of cream, green, blue and brown, just to name a few. And there’s no question that they look absolutely fine that way.

If you’re the adventurous, love-something-more-offbeat type, however, perhaps you’re wondering… do really bright colours work well for exterior painting? The answer is… why not? Just remember that bright doesn’t have to mean garish or gaudy. If you’re considering deviating from the norm and making your home stand out using brightly coloured paint, you should step outside the box and give it a try.

Paint Chip Colours Don’t Always Look the Same in Reality

Bear in mind that both bright and dark colours in particular can look quite different on a small sample area versus covering a large surface. Just because an intense shade looks appealing on a tiny square at the store doesn’t mean it will suit your taste once it’s painted and broadcasting itself on your home’s entire exterior for all to see.

If your greatest fear factor involves discovering that paint too harsh or intense once it’s been applied (and cowering from the neighbours in embarrassment), keep in mind that choosing unusual standout colours does take careful thought and an open mind. Avoid spur of the moment decisions and look at plenty of combinations before giving the go-ahead.

Does your home’s architecture suit a more vivid shade? More traditional, heritage-style homes often do, in some truly surprising overall and accent colour combinations. But some contemporary architecture can also get in on the act. Don’t hesitate to get trial size amounts from your paint supplier and test them on a fairly large piece of plywood that you can look at outside the house in the natural light.

Exterior Painting: No Need for Instant Panic or Regret

exterior paintingIf you find the completed job too intense, here’s a helpful tip. Don’t repaint immediately. Give the colour time, about three to five months, to fade a bit and settle into its more permanent look. This also gives you time to avoid being overly impulsive and calling your exterior painting specialist the next day to bemoan your choice and demand an instant cover-up. Be patient.

Still not happy with the final look? Another trick you can try is to use a different trim and accent colour. The popular white shades may look overly stark and provide too great a degree of contrast when used with your “wild and crazy” main colour. If that’s the case, do experiment; try accents in navy blue, emerald green and even yellow. The effect of certain combinations can actually soften an overall look, making it less startling and more appealing.

Have fun and don’t be afraid to explore atypical colours with some real verve and impact. If done right, passersby will look admiringly at your house, not want to shield their eyes. Hiring experienced exterior experts who have the design savvy and tools of the trade to do an amazing professional quality job will make all the difference.
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