Spruce Up: An Interior Feature Wall for Spring

interior feature wallSpring is finally here! The drabness has started to fade away and, although Vancouver still has some rain every once in a while, the flowers have started to appear and the colours are showing their beauty.

For some homeowners, this time of year means a new push toward an aesthetic shift that can change the feel of their living space. Finding a distinct alteration that will provide a much needed change can cause a lot of soul searching.

Many homeowners consider painting the house interior in Spring, but baulk at the idea of a project that might feel as big as renovating the entire house. What aspect of the home could create a drastic shift without committing to a major renovation?

A feature wall could be just the thing. It may seem like such a small change in the overall aesthetic of your home, but do not underestimate the effect it can have on a room.

What is a Feature Wall?

In the most basic sense, a feature wall is the wall in a room that is drastically different from any other. Any visitor to your home will immediately be attracted by the feature wall because, in an aesthetic sense, it catches the eye.

It can give an injection of colour and happiness into a room and enhance a space’s design and decor. This kind of job can take less than a day to finish, but its impact will last for years.

It can be a single bold colour. It can also be a design or work of artistic flair. Your feature wall can be anything that reflects your style and personality

How to Use an Interior Feature Wall

interior feature wallYour first decision is to choose the wall to receive the feature treatment. One with plenty of unbroken surface, and that receives plenty of light, will make the strongest impact.

Then you need to consider the colour scheme. Getting professional advice can make this simpler and help the project go smoothly.

Dramatic colour manipulation is great, especially considering Spring brings the desire to utilize so many fantastic shades.

Beyond a simple paint job, there are some interesting ways to give your home a new vibe:

  • Patterned wall: A solid colour block can contrast the room effectively, but using patterns in different shades will give an even better effect.
  • Mixed media feature wall: Using a combination of painting and pictures can create a fantastic look and show off any prominent photos of you and your family. Call the experienced experts to discuss colour schemes that will complement both the room and the pictures.

A feature wall may be just the interior painting for you this Spring. It can be as simple as painting just one wall, or can be incorporated into an entire scheme of interior painting and renovation.


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