Remove the Stink in a Used Commercial Space

Stink, stank, stunk… To put it bluntly, if you think the Grinch may have lived in your newly-acquired commercial property, don’t despair too soon.

commercial painterYou’ve acquired the perfect space for your new business, but have just one problem: it stinks! If the place was previously used as a greasy spoon restaurant or longstanding cigar club, for example, then it’s perfectly understandable. But that doesn’t change the fact that it still smells awful. Finding a suitable place for a great price isn’t always easy, so don’t give up on making it just right for your brand new endeavour. With the help of a commercial painter, you can make that place smell daisy-fresh and ready for business!

Clean Walls before Commercial Painter Starts

If the premises are greasy or smoky-smelling, for example, then you definitely need to clean the walls. Consider using a sponge mop and TSP, but avoid using this on textured ceilings. If there’s been too much odor absorption in the textured ceiling surface or suspended (“drop”) ceiling tiles, they will more than likely simply need to be redone.

Once the walls are properly prepped, your commercial painter can get to work on sealing everything with a shellac-based sealer. After the sealing process, then the entire space can be freshly painted.

Find and Remove the Source of Smells

Sometimes, the commercial space you are eyeing may actually be smelly because of a specific source that’s still on site, rather than the result of a residual odor from previous use. If you’ve cleaned up the entire place and it is still smelly, think cause and effect. The best way to completely remove a lingering offensive odor is to find its source and remove it. Check everywhere, inside and out, for rotting garbage, faulty plumbing, rodent infestation and mold, all common possibilities.

Commercial Painter Part of Maintaining an Appealing Business Space

Once your commercial painter has performed his magic, maintain a pleasant and welcoming environment. To ensure that unwanted odors stay away from the premises, clean and inspect thoroughly on a regular basis, rather than simply masking smells with air fresheners.

Hiring a reliable commercial painter to make it presentable and for any required touch-ups down the road, and keeping up overall standards of cleanliness on an ongoing basis goes a long way towards launching and maintaining your successful business. Voila, the space is always as good as new!

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