Re-painting a Fireplace

Special Project: Re-painting a Fireplace

Fireplace Repaint ProjectThis is an actual fireplace re-painting project.

Although the original fireplace had a nice oak surround and there was nothing wrong with it, the look did not fit the homeowner’s new décor so they asked us to paint it.

Steps For Painting the Fireplace

First the firebox was sealed with plastic to ensure no dust or ash drifted onto the fresh paint. Next it was primed so that the new paint would stick to the glossy varnish and tiles. Finally, it was coated in a hard-wearing enamel as the finish coat.

The very hard to reach areas were sprayed with a simple paint store spray bomb (or ‘rattle-can’ depending on your location).

Paint tends to pool in the kind of detail work that’s carved into the wood on this fireplace, so usually spray is better for this type of area.

To Re-paint Rather Than Replace Makes Good Financial Sense

Repainted Fireplace

These pictures show that this was a relatively simple project that took a bit of labour, but calling in professional painters saved the homeowner tons of money on replacing the entire unit in order to fit their new colors and home design.

And in the end it definitely looks quite modern and elegant now, which goes with their renovated townhouse.

That’s the beauty of re-painting a fireplace, or in fact, literally all painting that’s done inside a home. It modernizes, looks great, and saves money. Win-win for every homeowner.

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