Picking Paint Trim and Wall Colour

Do you make it match? Or compare and contrast? When it comes to picking a wall and trim colour combo, the choice is yours. Here are a few pointers to help you get started on your best ever interior design.

  • Trim sets the tone for the room and can make a wall look larger or smaller.
  • It’s a good idea to keep all the trim in one room the same color.
  • Glossier paint for trim works best, since it usually gets the most wear and tear and is easy to clean.
    • The art of selecting paint color for wall

      Interior Design and the Modern Look

      For a modern look, paint trim the same colour as the wall. The finish might change from flat on the walls to semi-gloss for trim, but keeping colours the same makes for a calmer, less chopped-up look and can pull a room together.

      With no big colour differences to distract, other features stand out more—like that dramatic new sofa fabric or the perfect cabinet you finally found in your local specialty shop.
      What are the secrets of painting and Matching colour trim in a room

      Tradition in Interior Design

      Zorba the Greek was right!  For a more traditional look, paint trim a different colour than the walls. Bright white gives a fresh look, while using a darker tone of the wall color lends a classic feel. Which leads us to…

      The White Stuff in Your Interior Design

      Darling picture will be pickedWhite trim with darker walls brightens a room and really sets off the room’s feature colour.
      If you have light walls, light trim makes them look crisp and clean.

      Getting the white right is as simple as picking your favourite combination. Just remember that warm whites go nicely with warm dark or warm neutrals, and cooler whites pair well with hues such as green, grey or blue.How to Paint the trim in houses
      White comes in lots of variations—eggshell isn’t ivory or pearl. Have some fun with champagne, linen or vanilla!

      You can’t go wrong with white in coming up with your winning interior design: classic white trim never goes out of style.

      Caring About Colour

      • Dark window and door frames draw attention from walls. If colour’s your passion, try a trim that contrasts with but is equal in intensity to the walls.
      • When walls are light, you can highlight windows, doors, and other features with a darker tone. Dark trim around a window surrounds the outdoors much like a mat in a frame, and really sets off the view.

      To find good contrasts, look at colours opposite each other on the colour wheel.
      These colours are complementary and together have a more energetic feel—but can be tricky to use in large doses.
      Colours next to each other will always play nice together because they come from the same hues. Combinations like this are found in nature and are pleasing to the eye.
      painting trim around natures own art such as leaves

      Interior Design—It’s Your Call!

      When choosing trim and paint colour combinations that work well, you really get to make an impression with your individual interior design and show off your personality.
      Best rule of thumb:
      If you like it, go with it, and watch the magic happen!

      Vancouver painter and contractor Peter Byrne
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