Painting a Boy’s Room – Break Out of the Mold

Have you ever wondered why blue is the colour usually used for boys? Colours have their own meanings, and blue is traditionally a gender-specific colour associated with males. We’re all taught early on that blue suggests the masculine, while pink represents femininity.

But have you ever wanted to deviate from the usual? Why can’t we put a pink shirt on a baby boy? Or colour a girl’s room blue? Feel free to break away from the stereotype and go with something different.

Choosing Age-Appropriate Colours for Boys

Residential painters often deviate from the usual gender-specific colours. And with good reason. They know there’s a whole other palette of exciting colours out there to choose from, and something to suit anyone’s personality.

As a child matures, so does his personal preference for the look and colour of his room. For example, a lighter shade of blue is good in the room of a boy from infancy to about age 11.
As a boy grows up, he starts to get an increased sense of masculinity, and darker colours are preferably used for boys ages 12 and up.

But it doesn’t always have to be blue—other good choices include red, deep orange, brown (lots of rich tones in shades of taupe or mocha)—and even grey.

Paint Colour Ideas for a Boy’s Room

Usually it’s easier to choose paint for the room of a younger boy compared to that of an older one. When they’re still young, you get to choose how to paint their room, including its theme and design.

Once your boy grows older, you can let him choose what paint he wants for his room. And let’s be honest—kids in general can be pretty vocal about what they want, especially when it comes to their own space. Let your son’s own preferences, hobbies and interests influence the decision.

Residential painters have experts in interior design and can provide plenty of playful inspirations for boys’ rooms:

For younger boys:

  • Blue-colored solar system
  • Cartoon character inspired paintings
  • Glow-in-the-dark figures (example: dinosaurs, zoo animals, insects)
  • Red cars
  • Transformers-inspired room

For mature boys:

  • Basketball inspired room
  • Dark green room and football inspired theme
  • Charcoal grey (for boys who love hard metal, rock music)

Paint for Boys’ Rooms: How Your Child Can Help

If your son is old enough to choose for himself, let him pick the colour of his room. Assist him in choosing from a wide variety of colours. Residential painters will likely have books, brochures or other design examples showing theme-inspired rooms. There are plenty of painting ideas your son can get inspiration from. Encourage him to take part in the painting project this way—it’ll give him a better sense of ownership and pride in his room.

Take note, if your boy is in his teenage years, he may be more inclined to choose the colour black. Don’t be taken aback by this request. Contrary to what most parents think, a lot of teenagers want black for the colour of their room. It’s a hard one not to veto, but just remember—he’ll grow out of it eventually!

How Much Does it Cost?

Hiring residential painters isn’t as pricey as you think. It saves a lot of valuable time and sidesteps the messy hassle of doing it yourself. To get the best value for your money, hire experienced residential painters that give a guarantee to their customers. Your daughter’s room might be next…!

No matter what colour your kids choose for their room, when they come to their senses a year or so later, it is very easy to update the look by painting over the old colour.

In fact herein is the true beauty of wall colour as a design element – it is the easiest and cheapest to change and makes the biggest difference in appearance.

So give the boys (and girls) their say, and let them express their independence and “rebel” in paint rather than the many more destructive ways kids have access to.

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