Paint Your Vancouver Home with West Coast Earth Tones

Painting a Home on the West CoastSome people associate “earth tones” with some boring old browns and leave it at that. What they fail to consider is that these tones range from the most basic black to a mixture of grays, creams, browns, tans, taupe and everything in between. Deep but subtle shades of green and blue blend in beautifully, bringing extra verve. An earth tone spectrum is vast and truly gorgeous. It also evokes the perfect mood for most elegant homes and reflects the nature-loving attitude of the west coast.

Earth Tones: Familiar and Fabulous

Earth tones feature many of the colours commonly found in nature, the elemental hues of earth, stone, and sand. Colours are often low key, but not without richness and depth. The sights and sounds of the natural world are calming and familiar, and appeal to our intrinsic feeling of belonging that flows from a beautiful space. Incorporating these colour components into your home will give it a welcoming, relaxing ambiance. With the skills of a company experienced in local home painting, you can bring the beauty of the outdoors into your home.

Hard to Lose with Earth Tones

Earth tones are taking hold in stylish, up-to-date home improvement and design. New homeowners will often be drawn to the range of the earth tone palette to bring warmth into the various rooms of their west coast home. These colours are also very easy to coordinate with furniture and home accessories. You can use similar colours in varying shades for adjoining rooms. This provides some interesting visual variety without interrupting the “flow” from room to room.

Earth Tones that Work Well for Home Painting:

Sage. Inspired by plant life, this is a light gray-green colour that can give your home a subtle touch of nature without being humdrum. Homes with medium-tone hardwood floors will find this the best wall paint colour. This shade goes well with browns and beige.

Subtle beige. This is the best earth tone recommended by many designers for home painting. Its lightness and airy tone doesn’t clutter a space, but gives it a spacious and fresh feel. The subtle beige colour also goes well with most home furnishings, without taking the attention away from stylish home fixtures and artwork.

Vancouver Home Earth Tone ColoursGolden tan. This warm shade complements and brings the colour of hardwood floors or woven area rugs to life. Black or natural wooden furniture also stands out beautifully with a golden tan shade on the walls. This colour in particular brings people a comfortable, homey feeling.

Chocolate brown. Surprisingly, this shade can even be perfect for kitchens. The chocolatey tone stimulates a “delicious” mood, reminding people of truffles and cookies. It’s also just the right dark shade to compliment your kitchen’s warm lighting and tasteful tiles, for a rich overall effect.

Home Painting Experts Help You Choose Wisely

We’ve provided a few examples of earth tones and how to use them, but the choices are plentiful. By choosing specific earth tone palettes for particular rooms, you can fill your home with the warm and sophisticated ambiance that’s perfect for you and your family. Contact a Vancouver home painting expert for assistance on the most suitable combinations of earth tones for your west coast home.

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