Paint Colours For the Living Room: Why Hire Residential Painters?

It’s easy to think of colour as simply a design element to make your home look interesting. Painting a room in rainbow colours might be seen as a novelty at first, but in the long run, too many shades do nothing to make a home feel like—well, a real home. This is particularly important for the part of the house where family members gather and guests are entertained: the living room. Colour affects mood, and residential painters in particular will help you achieve the room’s best look and feel .
Red Colour Swatches

The Study of Colour in Residential Painting

Different colours can trigger certain moods and feelings. Red, for instance, invokes alertness, while some people find themselves feeling a little extra hungry or motivated. Blue tends to make people feel calm, and yellow often induces happiness. A specialist in residential paint projects knows how vital the play of colours is to a living space.

Let Residential Painters Match Living Room Colour with Function

What does your family do most in the living room? If it’s where you have good conversations or bond on weekends, specialist residential painters would recommend hues such as tans, beiges and light browns. These earthy colours help keep the feeling light. In contrast, if you choose darker versions of these shades, such as chocolate or mocha, the mood becomes a little more serious.

If this room is where you receive guests, keeping the shade too subdued lowers your “entertainment value.” Choose colours that are on the lighter side, and accent the room with a contrasting focal piece, an ice breaker that gets the conversation flowing. If you’re unsure of what colours mix well without looking too extreme, consult an experienced residential painter. Take advantage of tried and true experience with various kinds of paint projects.

Remember, the look of the living room can make or break a visitor’s impression of your house. If you’re going to invest a little more on a particular part of the home, this is the place to do it.

The All-Purpose Living Room

If your living room is where most activities happen, residential painters and specialist paint contractors might tell you that white is the safest. Simply complement the room’s neutral palette with interesting pieces of furniture and colourful accessories. Highlight the fresh, light feeling of a white room with large windows, so that it feels less confining and more spacious. Accent white walls with quirky paintings and have fun rearranging them periodically. This way the living room becomes a chameleon that can easily transform according to the occasion at hand.

Your creativity merges with your residential painter’s recommendations for a truly personal look.

Living Room Paint Colours and Shared Space

There’s no clear-cut rule when it comes to choosing paint colours for the living room. It all boils down to who you are, what your taste is and how your room will be used. Paint all your walls red, if you want—but since this is the living room we’re talking about, you should also consider how other people in the house will feel about such a brightly coloured space. Experienced residential painters are your best ally in making your house feel like a home and only specialist paint contractors can successfully make your unique ideas a reality.

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