Ideal Paint Colours for Your Home

Colour PaletteImagine life without colour. Is it like living inside an old TV set, à la Pleasantville? Don’t be depressed by drab. New paint colours are the least expensive way to dramatize, stylize or personalize your home.

A Vancouver Painter: Cheaper than Cosmetic Surgery

While you’re at it, consider particular paint shades to hide any flaws that you want to minimize. You’ll be amazed how the right paint colours can do just that. Consider the pluses of having a knowledgeable Vancouver painter transform your house into a decorative showcase home to be proud of.

The Sky’s the Limit with a Great Vancouver Painter

A credit to its versatility, paint is ideal for introducing captivating colour into your home. It’s absolutely affordable and lets you play with almost limitless tones and shades. Update the appearance of a room, create a mood, suit a season or express your personality. If you’re tired of your old paint colour scheme, change it—quickly and easily. An experienced Vancouver painter can make it all come together.

Paint Colours: Moody Blues or Yummy Yellow?

Finding the right colour scheme for your home isn’t difficult when you arm yourself with some basic info about colour and its effects. How you respond to certain paint colours can be a good guide for deciding how to set a particular mood in your home.

Remember that colours are often associated with mood and emotion—a fact to consider when decorating. On the advice of a tried and true Vancouver painter with an in-house interior design service, you can quickly find the right colour scheme for the interior mood you like best.

If you’re fun-loving and enjoy the outdoors, then yellows, oranges and reds are the warm colours for you. If you prefer to chill out and stay cool, the hues opposite to those on the colour wheel—such as greens, blues and purples—are just what you need.

A Vancouver Painter Can Heat it Up

Consider the “temperature” of a colour if you want to warm up a room on the shady side of the house, or cool off an area with full southern exposure. On dull days in Vancouver, light colors such as peach and pale yellow are airy, expansive and cheerful. Use them in any small, dark places that you want to appear larger and brighter.

Dark colours like navy or chocolate brown can create a cozy, sophisticated feeling in oversized rooms. As well as setting a mood, colour styling tricks can also help you with your particular decorating demands.

Take Control of Demanding Décor

Contrasting colors will emphasize a handsome piece of furniture or accentuate a beautiful art object; simply place them against a wall painted with an effective contrasting colour. Attractive architectural features, such as unique moldings, can also be emphasized by painting them with darker or lighter colour than that of the walls. You can accentuate good architectural features and camouflage unattractive ones.

Think Pleasantville again, but the ending. No matter how you look at it, colour is the key. If you want more sound and creative advice on good paint colours for a coastal climate, who better to ask than an experienced, local Vancouver painter?

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