Great Design Ideas and Paint Colours for Your Bathroom

Whether you’re still choosing what colour to paint your brand new bathroom, or looking to revamp a tired one with a punch of new colour, deciding on the right theme is probably the toughest choice.

Maximize Your Space with the Best Bathroom Colour

In interior design, the size of a room can help determine the most successful colours and themes to experiment with. For the best bathroom colour, think about the available space you’re working with. The bigger the space, the more dark colours and themes you can use.

With smaller areas, the best bathroom colours fall under the lighter shades of the colour spectrum. This gives the illusion of extra space. The great ideas of a company well versed in home interior painting will really get you going.

Themes and Colours for Your Bathroom

Choosing a shade of paint you love is the first step to achieving your dream bathroom. Next is tying everything together—from the tiles down to the accessories—with a theme.

Use your overall colour as the main influence for the room. Periwinkle, yellow, blue, aqua, taupe—choose a base colour, then work in your cupboard and counter colours to complement. Complete the look with great accessories, like compact but useful containers and luscious towels. You’ll be surprised how well those small touches pull it all together.

Go Monochromatic with Bathroom Colour

When looking for a good bathroom colour scheme, make use of a colour wheel, a huge help in finding the right combination of colours.

For a monochromatic or tonal scheme, if you pick the colour green, for instance, you can opt to use dark green tiles, a brighter green paint for the walls, and pastel green for accessories and highlights.

Find Harmony in Bathroom Paint Colours

Using colours next to each other on the colour wheel gives you a harmonious scheme. Choose to use either a warm coloured theme using red, orange, and yellow paint, for example, or cool colours ranging from blues to violets.

Complements Make Bold Bathroom Statements

As the name suggests, complementary schemes take a colour on one side of the wheel, and pair it with a colour from the opposite side. Green and pink are complementary colours, as well as orange and blue. This paint scheme is perfect if you want a bold statement.

White Paint Makes Bathrooms Serene

This motif uses various shades between white and gray—or white and beige, depending on your preference for a cooler or warmer palette. Use lighter shades for your background, and introduce accessories that starkly contrast the bathroom’s light wall colour.

Cool it with Nursery Colours for the Bathroom

Cool colours, such as blue, green, and lilac, not only make relatively humid areas a little gentler on the eyes—they also make it more restful when you’re having a soak in the tub.

Paint your bathroom a soft blue tone with a few white or bright-coloured accents that pop out. These colour schemes can work perfectly for a children’s bathroom. Add some playful rubber duckies and you’re set.

A Warm Cabin Look for the Bathroom—Why Not?

Taking a cue from cabins and lodges with that warm, woodsy feel, this theme uses reds and browns as the main colours. Accentuate the look with white or black accessories, depending on the size of the bathroom. Fluffy towels in a soft beige and some well-chosen baskets complete this look.

Antique and Earthy Bathrooms

Do you have an antique mirror that you’re dying to hang over the vanity? Does your tub have gold-plated knobs that fit the Victorian era style? Mix earthy tones of light yellow and dark orange paint to accentuate an antique theme. Have some fun stepping back in time. These days, there are endless great accessories available in almost any bed-and-bath or department store—choose a great soap dispenser with a burnished metallic finish in a traditional style to pull it all together.

Basic Bathrooms: Modern Style, Modern Colours

Achieve a modern look in two ways. The first is to use a blank slate look, which has clean black or white paint schemes. Paint your bathroom white and install chrome fixtures and black accessories for a great minimalist effect.

For a super bold statement, choose vivid and contrasting colours. Paint the walls orange and pair with a bright bathtub and towels. Or mix yellow-painted bathroom walls with rich purple accessories to feel like royalty.

Bathrooms are almost always the smallest rooms in your home, but prepping and painting them can take an awful lot of time and fuss. Consider the services of a company experienced in home painting to make it happen quickly and painlessly.

With bathrooms, remember that the best design is always one you find easy on the eyes. Because at the end of the day, you’re the one who’s going to use your bathroom the most. The rule in the end: go with what YOU like—have fun and feel inspired!

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