Front Door Colours

Most modern homes are built and sold with a drab looking stamped-metal front door unit. Usually it is the factory finish white and if it has glass panels these often have a plastic frame, which later discolours to yellow in the sun. They can look pretty unattractive. The factory finish is very durable but in the end boring.

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Now if you go to Europe, places where houses are built out of stone or brick they go in for distinctive, brightly painted front door colours because the rest of the house is brick, just like every house in the neighbourhood and a street of brick alone is certainly boring. That front door is your mark of distinction. And since YOU are not boring (right?) you can spice up the entrance to your house and say, “Here it is! This is my house! Over here!” Simply by jazzing up your door’s colour.

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The way to pick a new and interesting front door colour is to consider the rest of your home. You want colours that coordinate and you can read my article on the Science of Colour to figure it out. But traditionally deep rich colours work well. Gloss Black, Deep Chocolate Brown, Burgundy Red are very popular. You can even get into rich Yellows, Greens and Blues. Certainly this is not a place for pastels but glossy deep rich vivid colours are the way to go.

The chocolate brown front door colour above works very well with the dominant colour in the surrounding tan bricks. It is a conservative look but also a rich appearance. A white door would look washed out.

See how nice the bright red door looks against all the fresh white paint? This is a beautiful contrast even with the dusty blue siding in the right foreground.

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This bright green would never work for a main colour on a house but is particularly effective with the pale surrounding colours and the palms which create a tropical feel.

Really there is no shortage of colour combinations which work. Because front doors represent a small area of the whole house the rules don’t have to apply. Pick whatever seems to stand out from the ordinary. Create the mood you want. Dignified or cheeky, welcoming or artistic, it really doesn’t matter. If it says “This is my house” then you’ve found your front door colour.

See my article on the science of colour to learn about complementary colours.

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Vancouver painter and contractor Peter Byrne

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