For Exterior Painting, the Best Time is Now!

exterior painting

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that performing exterior painting in a downpour is not a good plan for success. Even those damp days when drizzle is light but the air feels moist aren’t the best conditions. Jokes abound about Vancouver and perpetual rain, but those of us who live in the area know that there are definitely dry windows of opportunity for the outdoor tasks that need doing.

Exterior painting is no exception. Getting a complete paint job done by professionals at regular intervals is recommended to keep your home, store, office building or warehouse appealing and inviting and the “uglies” away.

Why Exterior Painting in Warmer, Dryer Times?

Painting in damper conditions can result in an uneven coat and faulty drying, plain and simple.

But it’s not just moisture. Exterior painting done in cooler weather means that paint will not only be slow to dry, but also may not cure properly. For the best performance and ultimate results with paint, it’s best to have dry weather and moderate temperatures.

Since exterior painting can be tricky and even dangerous, it’s not something that most home or business owners should tackle on their own. If you think a brush, a few can of paint and a stepladder is enough, think again. Even single-storey structures are best left in the hands of paintings pros.

Some textures and crevices are harder to paint successfully than others, and if you don’t know what you’re doing, a good deal of paint can be wasted, which ultimately ups the cost of the project overall. Painting contractors are well trained, and know the tricks to make things as quick and efficient as possible. They have the right equipment for painting properly and safely at heights and know exactly how to get the job done with minimum resources wasted. They will also be able to give you excellent suggestions as far as the best type of paint to use and suitable colour to choose from.

Exterior Painting Companies Take Advantage of the Weather

exterior paintingRegularly maintaining your home and working on repairs will help extend its life. A well-maintained facade helps to increase the character, curb-appeal and overall value of your property.

As you can see, there are numerous reasons why exterior painting results are best in spring, summer and early fall. There are still several ideal months for exterior painting ahead of us, but the calendars of Vancouver painting contractors fill up fast for that very reason. If the outside of your home or commercial property is in need of professional painting, the best advice we can give to avoid disappointment is… don’t wait. Contact a reliable, experienced Vancouver painting company now for an expert estimate and strike while the sky is dry.


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