Diary of a Bad House Painter

Diary of a bad house painter

It sounds like an Alfred Hitchcock horror film.

But I spend so much time on my blog educating people on how to recognize a GOOD house painter I thought maybe a reverse approach would illustrate it better. So I have provided a made-up example of the opposite side of the story in this “Diary of a Bad House Painter”

MONDAY the 13th
“The 13th must be my unlucky day. I still feel hung-over from that party last night. What was I drinking anyway? Uhhhhh….. Turn off the alarm and go back to sleep for a while. Good idea. ZZzzzzz….”bad house painter

“I feel a little better after getting some sleep. Better get dressed and head out to my customer’s house. I know I had her address here somewhere. Let me see…Oh! Better not forget my smokes!”

“Show up at customer’s house. What a b____! She keeps ragging on me about how I was supposed to be there at 8 o’clock. Sheesh! What’s the big deal? It’s only a couple of hours. I mean she woulda been here anyway right?”

“Ask customer for some cash to pick up the paint. She doesn’t believe me that they only sell paint for cash! Well she finally forked out and I’m heading to the paint store. Better get a coffee too while I’m out. I need a break from the stress of dealing with that b____!”

“Got a great deal on the paint. Saved $15 a can. Hope she doesn’t notice it’s different. I’ll tell her this is a better kind. Yeah, that’s it. She won’t know.”

“Arrive back at the house. Now she tells me I’m supposed to move all the furniture???? What am I? Her slave???”

“Lunch time! They have great burgers at the local pub. I can have a couple of beer to wash it down.”
“Time to get back to work. Hope she’s not so b____-y like this morning. That lady needs to lighten up.”

“Paint until 5pm. Phewf! Got away with not moving the stove or fridge. That saved some time. Hope she doesn’t notice I didn’t sand down the filler. Probably not. She’s old and can’t see too good. Besides she paid cash with no receipt. She can’t prove I was ever even here. Plus I don’t have to pay no taxes. Sweet!”

“Man this broad is killing me. Now she wants me to move everything back in place again?! Well at least she can’t check for spilled paint behind that couch and china cabinet if I can just get those moved first.”

Tuesday the 14th

Now this horror movie script is not ‘made up’ like I said. It’s even scarier. It’s based on horror stories from real customers and from painters I’ve hired (briefly) and fired soon after.

Why to Use a Professional House Painter

The truth is a professional painter makes it look easy but it takes some time to do a good job that’s going to last. Prep is important but so are 100 other things. So when you think you’re getting a good deal from a bargain basement painter – you aren’t. You’re getting a quick job by someone who’s not well enough organized or honest enough to have a paint store account and file his taxes.

You’re better to hire a reputable pro and pay a bit more. You’ll have follow up service, a good job, quality materials, and you’ll deal with someone you’re not afraid to have in your home.

So hire a pro and don’t let your next paint job become a
Nightmare on Elm Street, or Oak, or Hemlock or Ash or….

Vancouver painter and contractor Peter Byrne“PETER BYRNE is the owner and hands-on manager of Kassel Painting Limited. In the last two decades he has run over 1500 painting projects totaling millions of dollars. There is little that can go right (or wrong) on a job-site he has not seen, solved, and lived to talk about.”

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