Commercial painters and perfect paint colours to fit the job

commercial paintingChoosing just the right paint colour for your office, store, restaurant or other business is an important decision. The shades you choose can impact the mood and focus of customers and employees alike. It might surprise you to learn that colour combinations can significantly affect your consumers’ purchasing decisions, as well. For some, a colour may just be a colour, but commercial interiors create more influence than you might think. Just ask an experienced commercial painter.

Ask a Commercial Painter to Help with Colours that Work… at Work

There are so many different colours to choose from and picking the one palette that best suits your business is one of the keys to success. Ask yourself what tone you are trying to set in the workplace. Do you conduct business in a formal corporate atmosphere or in a more casual setting?The type of company you run and the impression you want it to convey will make a big impact on the paint colour you choose for your interior. If you run an advertising or graphics business, for example, you will want to create an atmosphere where the creativity of your employees will flourish.

Choosing the Right Paint Colour for Commercial Interiors

There are a number of points to consider when picking a paint colour for the walls of your business. Here are some tips to help you zero in on the right choices.

  • commercial paintersConsider business goals – Perhaps you run a fast food restaurant and expect a quick turnover of customers. Surely you’ve noticed that most fast food chains use bright colours, such as reds, yellows and oranges, and that’s no accident. Experts say that these kinds of bright and upbeat colours are known to make customers hungry, as well as less likely to want to linger.
  • Determine how colours make you feel – If red makes you agitated or nervous, for example, then you should definitely stay away from that for your office or other business space. Pick a colour that makes you feel relaxed, focused and motivated. That way, you can create a productive atmosphere for everyone and a more pleasant experience for clients and customers. Blue is a classic example of a soothing shade, especially if it’s not too dark. Also look at green, grey and even pink.
  • Make your office match your business colours – if your company has a logo and certain identifying colours, you may want to pick up on that even further in your interior décor, paint colours included. For instance, if you are an environmental company and use green shades in your logo, you might want to consider using various complementary shades of green throughout your office. Remember, a skilled commercial painter can transform your walls to any colour you choose, and has the skills to blend varying shades to create the right look to help underscore and promote your business brand.
  • Learn about lighting – Another important area to consider is the effect of your chosen paint colour in combination with the qualities of the interior lighting. If you have a boutique, for example, the influence of light and colour are extremely important when displaying your products. No matter what your business, try some test patches to get a sense of interplay between colour and lighting before making a final choice. Certain colours, such as brown, for example, don’t reflect light effectively, so try to avoid those colours if you want your business space to look light and airy.

The right paint colours are vitally important for any business setting. Don’t leave it up to chance when choosing: ask a professional commercial painter to strategize with you to achieve the best outcome possible for paint colours that are “on the job”!


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