Colours that Make Your Home Look More Spacious

home paintingWhen decorating any room in your home, the first thing that establishes the foundation for whatever will follow, including flooring, furniture and fixtures, is the basic paint colour. Nowadays, you can find paint in just about any colour on the spectrum, letting your creativity and imagination take free rein.

If you’re deliberately going for a particular effect, however, such as making a smaller space feel more expansive, pay careful attention to the right rules of thumb. Remember that colour choice not only affects the atmosphere of a room, but also the illusion of spaciousness. When you are striving to heighten a sense of roominess without an actual increase in physical space, it’s generally advisable to rein it in a bit for successful home painting and to select lighter and more neutral colours.

Home Painting and Colours that Create the Illusion of Space

In order for a room to appear larger, you generally need to find ways to make it brighter. This is why choosing colours that are lighter or at least more or less neutral is ideal in helping to make your living space reflect any available brightness, whether it is natural or artificial light, or a combination of both, that illuminates that particular area of your home.

home paintingHere are some colours you can consider to make your home’s interior feel more spacious.

  • On the open ocean – Light blues and aquamarine shades are ideal for home painting to make a room look larger. These shades remind people of the sky and the sea, which feel endless, thus giving the feeling of openness.
  • Dreamy cream – Creamy colours are great for magically transforming tiny spaces into bigger ones. Cream shades really maximize the effect of natural light in comparison to darker shades that tend to absorb it, making a room seem to shrink. Cream complements and sets off pretty much any décor scheme.
  • Back to the earth – Earth tones are also known for making a room appear bigger. Colours with a natural, organic feel, such as beige, tan and taupe provide some richness and depth, without overpowering the walls and competing with other components of the room.
  • White is right – White is the lightest colour around and the way it reflects light will make any small room appear larger than it actually is. You can’t go wrong with this classic choice.
  • Keeping it cool – Cool colours, such as pastel violets, mauves and greens, can soften and add dimension to a space without closing it in. Keep the hues relatively light and have some fun with fabric accents, such as throw cushions or bathroom towels in darker shades of the same colour to pull it all together.
  • Grey is great – The lighter grey shades can also help provide the illusion of a bigger space. Any sunlight from windows or skylights will maximize the benefits of the gentler grey tones. Keep the trim white and you’re good to go. Grey is also currently a popular choice in contemporary home décor.

Home Painting Professionals Pull it Together

Another helpful tip to keep in mind is that in addition to effective colour choices for home painting, you also need to eliminate the clutter, as too much furniture and items scattered on surfaces will definitely make any area feel more cramped.

Don’t be afraid to take advantage of any design services that your professional home painting experts may offer. Having a smaller home shouldn’t stop you from fully enjoying your living space to its full capacity. By carefully picking the right paint colours for any home painting project, you’ll be amazed at how much larger than life your home can feel!

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