Choosing the Right Paint Colour for Your Porch

Painting your DeckFront or back, having your tired-looking porch spruced up by first-rate exterior home painters is an effective and simple way to improve the overall appearance of your home. Go for a brand new hue, keeping in mind that it’s usually best to choose a shade that’s suitable for all seasons in Vancouver.

Pick a colour you love and won’t grow tired of too easily, and also one that’s subtle enough not to give the neighbours the heebie-jeebies. Consult your specialist exterior home painters about appropriate colour possibilities, with just the right accents to complete the effect. Then watch them finish the job as painlessly as possible.

3 Good Tips for Choosing Colours for a Porch:

1. Coordinate with the Colour of Your Home

You’d be surprised by the way some homeowners swing when planning for porches. (There’s a reason why that bright orange paint is on sale!) Skip the impulse to be extra funky or bold, as the novelty will soon wear off. Professional exterior home painters will tell you that when choosing a colour for your porch, it should be successfully coordinated with the rest of your home’s exterior. Do keep in mind the colours of all other exterior surfaces, including roof shingles, steps, and any other features that affect the overall appearance of the house. Go with a colour that complements the existing look, rather than one that will compete for attention. If your house is grey, blue, or yellow, for example, you might go with a white porch to make it stand out, but in a good way. Picking a porch colour that contrasts with your home’s main colour is fine; just don’t overdo the effect.

2. Pick the Same Colour but Use a Different Shade

If you want your porch to blend in and not attract too much attention, you may want to consider using a paint colour that is the same as the rest of your house but a different shade. Light colour shades are good for emphasizing the architectural details of a porch. Darker colors provide the illusion of depth. Whichever shade you go for, you will achieve a three-dimensional look. If you want a calming effect, then tone down the contrast a little bit. Experienced exterior home painters will know just what to do when you ask them about this technique.Tips on colours to paint your porch

3. Try Not to Attract Unwanted Attention

In addition to picking a colour that goes with the rest of your home, it also makes sense to go with one that actually suits the feel of your neighbourhood. If many of the homes on your street are light coloured, then going with an overly bright, bold colour for your porch may be too much. Find a colour that’s appropriate in your particular urban setting; professional exterior home painters will help you achieve the perfect look.

An attractive porch gives you a lift when coming and going from your home, and makes for a comfortable spot to relax and catch the breezes on a summer evening. Let expert exterior home painters take you there!

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