A Close and Critical Look: Do You Need to Paint Everything?

painting contractorsWhen planning for interior painting in your home, the first thing you automatically think of is freshening up the walls. Most people often forget about also taking care of baseboards and molding, the trim around windows and doors, and last but not least, the ceilings. Remember that the surfaces of a room don’t exist in isolation; you’d be surprised how yellowed and dingy ceilings can look, for example, next to newly painted walls.

Before receiving a firm estimate from and finalizing an agreement with your painting contractors, you should examine your intended painting project areas as carefully and thoroughly as possible to make those all-important decisions about what definitely does and doesn’t need to be rescued with some cosmetic repair and a fresh coat of colour.

Prior to Painting Contractors, Examine Trim and Ceilings, Too

Consider each room or area to be painted more or less in sections or as a collection of components, examining all trim in one go, for example, so nothing gets missed. Walls are generally a given, of course, but do take note specifically of how much hole-filling or other pre-painting cosmetic steps need to be taken before the primer starts to flow. Get a firm take on exactly what you want done before the painting contractors send their estimator to your home. That way, no one’s time is wasted, including your own.

It only makes sense to get it done right the first time, rather than deciding once the walls are showing of their new shade that the baseboards are in worse condition than you thought and calling your painting contractors back to do the job on a piecemeal basis, a super pain for everyone, and a more costly way to go.

Painting Contractors Complete the Effect

Painting ContractorsEven if you find that the trim work and ceilings still look marginally okay, you might want to consider rejuvenating everything at the same time, anyway. Painting contractors aim to make an entire room look new; to skip portions may only serve to highlight time-worn dings and fingerprints on door jambs and that formerly (almost) unnoticeable old water stain in the corner of the ceiling.

More Rather than Less = Better Painting Value for Your Money

Here’s the thing: experienced painting contractors will advise that painting everything will give you more value for your money, and it’s true. Restricting the scope of the job may actually cost you more in the long run. This is because the same tools and materials will be used in a more or less similar time frame; once your painters are on site and set up, it simply makes sense to work on a bigger overall area than selected portions. The sum of the parts, in other words, ends up being the most efficient and economical way to go. And you certainly won’t regret the end result.

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