4 Tips for a Beach-Themed Bathroom Painting

Why do we live in an area like Vancouver? If you’re one of those people who revel in the look and feel of the local scenery, being on the coast is integral to your way of life. Let’s face it: you love being near the water, and all that it evokes.

After a relaxing walk (or a hair-pulling day at the office), you don’t have to lose the serenity of the nearby beach when you step inside. Your bathroom can keep that refreshing feeling alive, and become a place for real rest and relaxation. Let the coastal atmosphere of your bathroom be appealing enough for you to linger a bit longer in the tub.

What are Some Ideas for Bathroom Design?

If you don’t have a clue about painting and design options for your bathroom, consider getting some fresh and fabulous ideas from a reputable Vancouver painter. Give them one peek at your existing bathroom, large or small, and you’ll be awash with great options to get the look and mood you’re imagining, plus the expertise to paint it for you perfectly.

Tips on how to add some seashore fun to your bathroom:

1. Choose natural colors for the walls. For a “beach blanket bathroom” experience, choose rich, natural wall colors like aqua, sand or sea green. These shades can be toned up or down, depending on the size of the room. An experienced Vancouver painter may suggest gorgeous colours you’ve never even thought of to keep the ocean close by. Getting the perfect background colour to build on is often the toughest part. Just close your eyes and imagine the ideal mood—you’re more than halfway there.

2. Choose pastel colours. Okay, so you might want to contemplate somewhat warmer water. Think Hawaii. Or the Bahamas and those wonderful pastel shades typically found throughout the Caribbean. Have a mini-holiday in your very own home, sans the expense. You can enhance the tropical atmosphere by adding some complementary accent tiles in blue, purple or even hot pink. Experiment with some samples first, and have fun figuring out what combinations catch your eye.

3. Go for seashells and sand. Okay, maybe just the colour of sand, but even the smallest details can add real panache to your indoor beach theme. Painting companies have interior designers that can help you decide on what accessories and other touches to use. A few sand dollars look great tucked into a corner of the countertop. How about a woven sea grass waste basket, a basketful of ocean motif hand towels and loofa sponges , or a glass starfish candle holder?

4. Lighting fixtures that add drama. Don’t underplay the importance of effective, dramatic lighting, which can transform your bathroom into an undersea world. There are fabulous fixtures available these days. Try a penlight hung with a beach glass covered shade. If you have some counter space, choose a small lamp with a nautical theme. Even a carefully-chosen seashell nightlight that plugs directly into an outlet can add some real flair—as well as soft, appealing light.

Just a few small changes to your bathroom can help you escape the chaos of the working day, and remind you why you live in such a beautiful part of the world. Hiring a respected and innovative Vancouver painter with built-in interior design services can do wonders to bring the local coastal feeling inside, as well as out.

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