Three Handy Interior Painting Colour Trend Tips for 2014

2014 interior painint colour trends

Colour Trends for 2014: What Interior Colour?

Interior painting projects can be fun when you are at the planning stages of choosing colours. After all, there are so many to choose from and you can let your imagination run free with whatever you want.

However, colour trends and ideas emerge and change every year. What was in only five years ago can start to look dated now. Whether you are a new homeowner or have had your house for some time, it never hurts to check out the latest trends. You may be tempted to stick with old favourites but some of the latest innovations aren’t just fads, but are well thought-out ways to enrich your inside life for years to come.

 A New Kind of Neutral for 2014

Neutral colours will always be popular. But that doesn’t mean neutral has to be boring. In fact, traditional neutrals during a gray Vancouver winter will look drab and depressing.

Instead of thinking just “neutral” with beiges and grays, painting and interior design companies are using a different palette for 2014 that includes more options than before. Instead of just neutral, think “soft” or “unobtrusive” while also being enlivening.

For instance, for the new flavour of neutral, you can have light shades like Peach Parfait, Fruit Shake and Palladian Blue. There are more pronounced options like Coral Essence, Caribbean Teal and Super Nova. You can even have a twist on the old neutral colours with Flint, Wickham Gray and Clay Beige.

These kinds of shades will still offset and frame Vancouver’s evergreen trees in our yards while helping ward off the rainy winter blahs.

celosia orangeVibrant Paint Colours for Your Home

Want to avoid neutral tones? Vibrant shades of green are envogue, try the latest in a mint or jewel tone. The popularity of this for 2014 is based on the fact that it gives a new kind of positive energy for a home, as opposed to burgundy or purple. What’s more, it’s one of the home painting colour ideas that’s great for open kitchens and living rooms, as it allows the eye to travel easily from one point of the house to the next.

If green isn’t your thing and you want energetic and enlivening highlights, there’s Celosia Orange as an accent to a white room. Or 2014 is seeing an upsurge in Freesia, a yellow that gives a room a sunny appearance when used as a highlight rather than as a solid colour.

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