Exterior Painting – Before and After by Kassel Painting, Vancouver

Before and after painting can be scary or exciting, depending on your nerves. Is the color going to be too dark, too light, not how it looked on the sample? Will it be too trendy, too bold? Will it be too much? There are a lot of questions. Fear of the unknown is the biggest cause of anxiety with new paint jobs.

The Before…

before and after paintingHere we have an awesome classic home with a unique exterior.

It has suffered from the elements and from age, with a lot of peeling and damage. House painters in Vancouver encounter a considerable amount of damage from our rainy weather when painting a house exterior.

A Good Exterior Painting Job Requires Excellent Prep Work

We are professional house painters at Kassel Painting, which means that everything is done to the highest standard. Painting house exteriors means protecting the rest of the woodwork as well as the plants and garden around the home. Before the job can start, all of the filling, sanding and clean up must be done. The secret to a great painting job is the doing the prep work the right way!


The Before is All Done – Now For the “In Progress”

before and after painting

Painting the trim around the windows, in this case a beautiful dramatic charcoal color. It’s easy to envision that the before and after painting of this house is going to be interesting and unique. Although these may not be the colors that would be chosen when this home was first built; today, strong complementary earthy colors are very trendy. Not only that, they suit Vancouver house painting because of the deep greens and beautiful blues all around us.

The After – The Beautiful Modern Trendy Result

before and after painting house exterior

In a way, this project is like looking at a before and after renovation; except all it took was a great paint job.

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