Before and After Graffiti Removal

Small Graffiti cover upThe problem with commercial graffiti

Most businesses experience graffiti vandalism at some point in time. First,  it looks ugly and is not welcoming for customers or visitors to your business . Second, the City of Vancouver will fine businesses who do not take care of their own graffiti removal. If you wait too long in removing the graffiti the City sends in their own contractors to fix it and later bills the business owner.

We’ve tried graffiti removal products and honestly they are a lot of work to use. They involve masking off the affected area with tape and plastic, coming back more than once (costly) and sometimes only achieve mixed results.

The best solution for removal on painted surfaces is to simply paint over the graffiti. Some building owners try “do-it-yourself” projects and these often give poor results where the patch is very visible, the colour is way off, etc. Most business owners are not painters so these cheap home-made painting jobs look almost as bad as the graffiti they replace.

Kassel Painting are good at achieving a close colour match and applying the paint in a way that makes the patch less obvious.

Kassel Painting’s Commercial Graffiti Removal – Before & After

We recently completed graffiti removal work for a commercial client, you can see two examples below.

On the steel wall the paint had dried and blended in colour-wise, although if you look close you’ll see the patch. Most people would never notice. This is a building where we did not have the proper original formula and  the paint was faded from the sun. Our solution was to make a custom paint match.


On the door we painted everything because it’s a small area. You can see the final coat was recently rolled on so the wet paint looks slightly lighter, but once dried it’s all uniform in colour.Commercial-Graffiti-removal-Vancouver2-before-after

If you need  graffiti removal in Greater Vancouver call Kassel Painting at 604-436-6052 as soon as you see the vandalism. We have reasonable rates for small jobs like this. Plus if you handle graffiti right away it discourages other graffiti artists.