A Commercial Paintjob the Vancouver Way

Painter in a bucketA commercial workplace should be given the same amount of care and upkeep as any office building or home. Maybe people shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but the fact is they see your business every day and form opinions about it. Calling in a reputable Vancouver painting contractor can make a big difference.



The Look of a Commercial Paintjob Matters 

A commercial building can be a place of hard work and you may think its looks aren’t as important as an office or retail outlet. After all, it’s all about how the building functions and about the work performed inside, right?

You see the place every day and have come to accept how it looks. But how does it look to a new person? What does it say about your company if it’s flaking, or if it’s just bland and bare concrete, or if it has mildew and graffiti? Does it convey success or does it look rundown? What changes might give a better impression and attract more business?

A well-maintained business can help employees’ morale and encourage them to be safer and to take more pride in their duties. A shabby looking place encourages lax attitudes. Better efforts and attitudes translate into more profits.

What Vancouver Can Do to a Business’s Paintjob

After a while, it’s easy to ignore the mixture of mildew, dirt and water marks that accumulate on buildings in Greater Vancouver, especially in industrial areas. But they’re there, sliding down from the rooftops, eaves and flashings. Meanwhile a fresh new paint job stands out and grabs the eye.

It’s no secret that commercial areas are often targets for graffiti. We might think that’s a fact of life around here, but the real fact is that allowing a little graffiti to stay will only encourage more. A well-maintained paintjob shows that you are in charge, not the vandals.

No Time to Paint Your Business?

Everyone’s busy. We all have deadlines, pressures and priorities. But don’t neglect appearance just because you think it will be a huge time-consuming hassle. Painting contractors with extensive credentials and testimonials clearly know what they’re doing and will help you out with a minimum of fuss. You’ll also get a professional quote, so there’s no surprises.

What Can Good Vancouver Painting Contractors Provide?

  • Like we already said – minimum fuss, a proper quote, and graffiti removal.
  • Cleaning before painting. Old paint on commercial buildings can start to flake off and general gunk can accumulate all over. A good power washing can clean off all of that and have it ready for a new coat of paint.
  • Adaptability. No business should have to shut down for painting. It’s your business and a good contractor will respect that by working with your schedule and needs.
  • Communication. Experience can provide suggestions, especially for difficult or high traffic areas. In addition, communication is a two-way street, which means the contractor must listen as well.
  • Insurance to protect you, your workers and your property (in case anything gets damaged) and also to protect the painters. If you bring in a buddy to paint your business, he might be cheap but you could be liable for any injury he sustains.
  • Understanding Vancouver. You need someone who knows how business is done in the Lower Mainland, understands the work culture, respects workflow, and respects the weather.
  • Tidy up properly. A good contractor takes away everything he brings in and won’t take liberties dumping stuff in your valuable space and garbage skips. Spills and drips must be removed and all rinsing and washing must be done in environmentally friendly ways. A decent painting project can be spoiled by careless disposal.

We’ve been around a long time and built up a vast array of clients and testimonials. When your commercial property needs a painting contractor, rely on the guys who really know Vancouver.

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