Choose The Right Painting Contractors for Your Office

office painting contractors in VancouverA well-functioning work setting is an integral part of successfully running any company, and any disruption is almost always a drawback. That’s why painting contractors who work in commercial settings, including office buildings, stores, and restaurants, for example, know that downtime is not only an inconvenience, but it can also mean the loss of productivity and revenue.

Don’t let a dingy, old looking office space “paint” an image of unprofessionalism and laziness. Who needs to make a bad impression that can potentially chase away clients? Keep things looking classy by hiring an experienced commercial painter to make things presentable.

Qualities of Good Painting Contractors

Here are a few points to zero in on when consulting with potential painting contractors:

Price: Beware of quotes that seem too good to be true, as they usually are and may invite a slapdash job. Ask for a price breakdown for all stages of the job, and clearly establish who is responsible for the moving of furniture and other items, both ahead of time and while painting is in progress: the commercial painter or the business owner? Only then can you decide whether the entire scope of the painting project is truly within your budget.

Paint: Be sure to ask about the type of paint they intend to use for your office. Is it a low odor product, for example? High quality paint normally lasts longer and is easier to maintain. It is equally important to add that quality paint is not cheap, and that is why the overall price you are charged must give consideration to this fact.

Time: In addition to establishing the duration of the job itself, preplanning time is important, too, and a good contractor is willing to meet with you ahead of time to establish detailed timelines for the project and answer your questions. A truly accommodating professional painting company will do its absolute best to minimize disruption by working around your hours of operation whenever possible, such as during evenings and on weekends. Also, be sure to ask if the overall time quoted includes tasks such as relocating office supplies, equipment and furniture.

The Team: Ask if your office is going to be painted by the same team of painters all the way through the project. This consistency helps to ensure that the work is done seamlessly, plus lets the staff on site get to know the painters by name and not have to meet new faces every other day. This kind of rapport can help reduce the stress of having to carry on with work routines when things get a bit topsy-turvy around them.


Vancouver painter and contractor Peter Byrne“PETER BYRNE is the owner and hands-on manager of Kassel Painting Limited. In the last two decades he has run over 1500 painting projects totaling millions of dollars. There is little that can go right (or wrong) on a job-site he has not seen, solved, and lived to talk about.”

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