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Painting your house. It’s a job that must be done right, both inside and out. So you decide to hire someone. The next step is to rule out the buddy who says he’ll do it cheap. This job needs residential painters who are professional in every sense of the word and who have experience in Vancouver’s climate and business practices. Continue Reading…

Have you ever wondered why blue is the colour usually used for boys? Colours have their own meanings, and blue is traditionally a gender-specific colour associated with males. We’re all taught early on that blue suggests the masculine, while pink represents femininity.

But have you ever wanted to deviate from the usual? Why can’t we put a pink shirt on a baby boy? Or colour a girl’s room blue? Feel free to break away from the stereotype and go with something different.

Choosing Age-Appropriate Colours for Boys

Residential painters often deviate from the usual gender-specific colours. And with good reason. They know there’s a whole other palette of exciting colours out there to choose from, and something to suit anyone’s personality.

As a child matures, so does his personal preference for the look and colour of his room. For example, a lighter shade of blue is good in the room of a boy from infancy to about age 11.
As a boy grows up, he starts to get an increased sense of masculinity, and darker colours are preferably used for boys ages 12 and up.

But it doesn’t always have to be blue—other good choices include Continue Reading…


Well I have told my readers again and again that paint colour is all a matter of your own personal choice, taste and lifestyle. And now this philosophy is becoming more widespread.

For instance a recent article in HOMES AND COTTAGES magazine backs up my view. The writer sought leading Canadian paint manufacturers to get opinions from their own colour experts. In “Colouring the Future”, Abigail Morris states, “A common theme in the inspiration for the collections is the belief that we are increasingly comfortable using home decoration as a form of self expression”.

This has always been my belief. When I visit a client’s home Continue Reading…


Have you ever been ripped off by a residential painter? Or have you heard your neighbors rant about the difficulties of getting a reliable house painter? Seems that there are many stories about residential painters who took the job but didn’t deliver the goods.Never hire an angry painter

Clearly, it’s easy to get ripped off by residential painters, especially if you don’t have prior experience in hiring one. So how do you make sure that you’re not getting ripped off?

Here’s a Guide on How to Find the Right Painting Contractor

1. Do your homework having someone professionally paint your house is no easy task. Don’t just hire someone you find from a poster on a telephone pole. Contact several painters in your area and have them bid on your painting project. Make sure to explain the scope of the project and ask them to provide Continue Reading…