Professional Painters

good home painting in VancouverTell the truth: are there some old, partly full paint cans taking up room in your basement, crawlspace or garage? Once a home painting job is completed, one of the things that should be done right is the disposal of leftover paint. Any paint that isn’t going to be kept on hand for possible touch-ups down the road should be dealt with responsibly, to ensure that your home remains free of hazards.

Getting rid of old paint (colours that are no longer on your walls) not only saves space, it eliminates confusion when searching for the right colour. Correct methods of paint disposal also mean that the environment doesn’t suffer as a result of a laissez-faire attitude or careless accident.

Responsible Disposal of Oil-Based Paint

  • Check the label to see if it contains lead or any other hazardous materials. (Some older paints require hazardous Continue Reading…

Don’t Climb that Stairway to Heaven Before Your Time!

need professional painter

Fear, uncertainty and physical danger go hand in hand when it comes to house painting unless you are a professional painter.

Whether inside or out, most houses have areas higher than you can easily reach, even when standing on tippy-toes! That means you have to stand on some kind of platform or ladder device to reach them.

And that is where the danger begins …

Unless you are 100% comfortable working off-the-ground this is something to consider carefully before you embark on your do-it-yourself project. Even standing on a chair you might suddenly experience vertigo (dizziness) and become unbalanced and fall. That means paint all over you, the floor, the furniture and possibly a painful or serious injury.

And even if you don’t lose your balance but are still slightly nervous at heights, that shaky brush is not going to make a nice straight line around Continue Reading…