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good home painting in VancouverTell the truth: are there some old, partly full paint cans taking up room in your basement, crawlspace or garage? Once a home painting job is completed, one of the things that should be done right is the disposal of leftover paint. Any paint that isn’t going to be kept on hand for possible touch-ups down the road should be dealt with responsibly, to ensure that your home remains free of hazards.

Getting rid of old paint (colours that are no longer on your walls) not only saves space, it eliminates confusion when searching for the right colour. Correct methods of paint disposal also mean that the environment doesn’t suffer as a result of a laissez-faire attitude or careless accident.

Responsible Disposal of Oil-Based Paint

  • Check the label to see if it contains lead or any other hazardous materials. (Some older paints require hazardous Continue Reading…

office painting contractors in VancouverA well-functioning work setting is an integral part of successfully running any company, and any disruption is almost always a drawback. That’s why painting contractors who work in commercial settings, including office buildings, stores, and restaurants, for example, know that downtime is not only an inconvenience, but it can also mean the loss of productivity and revenue.

Don’t let a dingy, old looking office space “paint” an image of unprofessionalism and laziness. Who needs to make a bad impression that can potentially chase away clients? Keep things looking classy by hiring an experienced commercial painter to make things presentable.

Qualities of Good Painting Contractors

Here are a few points to zero in on when consulting with potential painting contractors:

Price: Beware of quotes that seem too good to be true, as they usually are and may invite a slapdash job. Ask for a price breakdown for all stages of the job, and clearly establish who is responsible for the moving of furniture and other items, both Continue Reading…

ceiling painters in Vancouver Sooner or later, every home or office space needs some freshening up, and maybe even an entirely new wall treatment following renovations. That’s when a good professional painting job makes all the difference, especially when it comes to the ceilings.

Let’s face it: the area above our heads is the one part of a room that most of us aren’t that keen to work on. The angle is awkward, primer and paint seems to drip and spray more readily (thanks, gravity), and balancing almost always comes into play.

Even if you have an especially long roller handle attachment, it doesn’t take long for the arms and back to start aching. Often the outcome is less than satisfactory, which makes the rest of the room really stand out by comparison.

A Painting Job on Ceilings Differs from Walls

A lot of ceilings were typically finished with spray textured surfaces that create a “spatter” or “popcorn” effect. These days, however, many architects and homeowners prefer Continue Reading…

paint contractorsLet’s face it: many of us suffer from the fear factor of choosing the wrong colour when planning for home painting. The beauty of it is, part of the convenience of using paint is also the ease of changing it. You don’t have to commit to one colour forever.

If you are unhappy with a particular shade, don’t just cower in shame and live with it. Take a deep breath. How liberating to realize that you can relax and trust your own instincts. If you are truly unhappy with the results, it’s not the end of the world.

The Courage to Move beyond White

Although white (and its merry band of myriad off-whites) will always be a trusted neutral, every once in a while, you understandably feel the urge to try something new. Bolder, deeper, and more interesting. Colours that express your taste and personality. There’s a whole world of them waiting to be discovered and you’re ready to venture into it. But when faced with Continue Reading…

Special Project: Re-painting a Fireplace

Fireplace Repaint ProjectThis is an actual fireplace re-painting project.

Although the original fireplace had a nice oak surround and there was nothing wrong with it, the look did not fit the homeowner’s new décor so they asked us to paint it.

Steps For Painting the Fireplace

First the firebox was sealed with plastic to ensure no dust or ash drifted onto the fresh paint. Next it was primed so that the new paint would stick to the glossy varnish and tiles. Finally, it was coated in a hard-wearing enamel as the finish coat.

The very hard to reach areas were sprayed with Continue Reading…

Diary of a bad house painter

It sounds like an Alfred Hitchcock horror film.

But I spend so much time on my blog educating people on how to recognize a GOOD house painter I thought maybe a reverse approach would illustrate it better. So I have provided a made-up example of the opposite side of the story in this “Diary of a Bad House Painter”

MONDAY the 13th
“The 13th must be my unlucky day. I still feel hung-over from that party last night. What was I drinking anyway? Uhhhhh….. Turn off the alarm and go back to sleep for a while. Good idea. ZZzzzzz….”bad house painter

“I feel a little better after getting some sleep. Better get dressed and head out to my customer’s house. I know I had her address here somewhere. Let me see…Oh! Better not forget my smokes!”

“Show up at customer’s house. What a b____! She keeps ragging on me about how I was supposed to be there at 8 o’clock. Sheesh! What’s the big deal? It’s only a couple of hours. I mean she woulda been here anyway right?”

“Ask customer for some cash to pick up the paint. She doesn’t believe me that they only sell paint for cash! Well she finally forked out and I’m heading to the paint store. Better get a coffee too while I’m out. I need a break from the stress of dealing with that b____!”

“Got a great deal on the paint. Saved $15 a can. Hope she doesn’t notice it’s different. I’ll tell her this is a better kind. Yeah, that’s it. She won’t know.” Continue Reading…

Many of my blogs talk about how to paint a house, why to paint a house or what colour to paint a house. And while these are important things to know, particularly if you are in the business of painting houses, there is something even more important.


I cannot imagine a housepainter, upon his final shuffle off this mortal coil, (ie: dead – Google it) standing outside the gates of heaven, being interrogated by Saint Peter as to whether or not he painted Mrs Blumgarten’s kitchen the right colour.

Painting Houses in Vancouver, BCNo, I think when the end has come the most important thing is how we, in this life, dealt with the people we encountered not the things. Oddly enough though the two do come together. If you treat Mrs Blumgarten well and are interested in not just her kitchen or her wallet but who she is then magically the painting experience goes better too!

Painting Houses and Communication

This comes down to a most essential element – Continue Reading…

Vancouver painterHiring a professional Vancouver painter for multiple or frequent projects can add up, especially if you have a lot of space to cover. So it’s always a huge benefit to discover a reputable Vancouver painter who also offers a great customer loyalty program.

Tried and true painting companies sometimes create innovative reward programs to help customers reduce their ongoing painting costs, in exchange for loyalty to the option of using their services. What it boils down to is a definite win-win situation.

How Loyalty Programs Work

Simply put, loyalty programs are designed to reward repeat customers with savings. Companies appreciate information from their customers, including their preferences and the regularity of their need for products or services. Trusted companies with loyalty programs know Continue Reading…


home interior paintingFirst impressions last when you are selling your home. What buyers will remember is the overall feeling they get when they walk inside, not the particular style of cabinets or details of the window treatments. If you are eager to list and sell your home without wasting time, it is crucial to keep the interior of your house attractive and up-to-date. One solid, uncomplicated way to help your house sell faster is to freshen and update all home interior painting. Making your home look especially attractive to the buyer will definitely get it off the market sooner rather than later.

Which Home Interior Painting Colours Can Help You Sell

When attracting potential buyers, remember to choose colours that suit the size and purpose of each room and refrain from wild experiments. Here are some good colours to consider:

  1. White – You can never go wrong with this colour. It is clean, neutral, and safe, making it a popular colour for home interior painting. Continue Reading…


Vancouver Painter House InspectionWhether the planned project is interior or exterior, before any home painting job starts, it is important that the overall condition of your home is carefully assessed. For an exterior project, things such as rotting wood or rusty gutters and eaves troughs, for example, are conditions that should be identified and dealt with before any actual painting begins.

The condition of the house will affect a number of things, such as the cost of the job and the estimated time for completion. When hiring an experienced Vancouver painter to work on your home, have them carry out a thorough initial inspection as part of the job; most reputable painting companies will already have a comprehensive inspection procedure in place.

Interior Inspection before Home Painting

A dependable Vancouver painter will inspect and assess the interior of your home prior to painting, including the integrity of walls, doors, trim work, windowsills and baseboards. They will check for things such as water or humidity damage, rot, peeling, holes, the presence of mildew, and any other damage or deterioration which may need to be addressed or repaired.

After their inspection, the painting company can determine if there is work that will need to be done prior to painting, such as the removal of wallpaper or the repair of water leaks. They can also determine Continue Reading…


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