Interior Painting Feature Wall

interior feature wallSpring is finally here! The drabness has started to fade away and, although Vancouver still has some rain every once in a while, the flowers have started to appear and the colours are showing their beauty.

For some homeowners, this time of year means a new push toward an aesthetic shift that can change the feel of their living space. Finding a distinct alteration that will provide a much needed change can cause a lot of soul searching.

Many homeowners consider painting the house interior in Spring, but baulk at the idea of a project that might feel as big as renovating the entire house. What aspect of the home could create a drastic shift without committing to a major renovation?

A feature wall could be just the thing. It may seem like such a small change in the overall aesthetic of your home, but do not underestimate the effect it can have on a room.

What is a Feature Wall?

In the most basic sense, a feature wall is the wall in a room that is drastically different from any other. Any visitor to your home will immediately be Continue Reading…