Interior Painting

interior feature wallSpring is finally here! The drabness has started to fade away and, although Vancouver still has some rain every once in a while, the flowers have started to appear and the colours are showing their beauty.

For some homeowners, this time of year means a new push toward an aesthetic shift that can change the feel of their living space. Finding a distinct alteration that will provide a much needed change can cause a lot of soul searching.

Many homeowners consider painting the house interior in Spring, but baulk at the idea of a project that might feel as big as renovating the entire house. What aspect of the home could create a drastic shift without committing to a major renovation?

A feature wall could be just the thing. It may seem like such a small change in the overall aesthetic of your home, but do not underestimate the effect it can have on a room.

What is a Feature Wall?

In the most basic sense, a feature wall is the wall in a room that is drastically different from any other. Any visitor to your home will immediately be Continue Reading…

preparing for a painting job VancouverBefore any interior painting job get underway, there are some simple steps to take that will ensure that your furniture and other belongings remain unscathed and spatter-free, and that your professional painter can complete the project quickly and without the worry of tipping over Great Aunt Gertie’s heirloom vase.

Here’s a handy checklist of the best prep steps you can take ahead of time, for safety and efficiency at every turn.

1. Clear the Room! Lighter furnishings and furniture should be removed from the room whenever possible.

2. To Move & Protect. Shift the heavy furniture to the middle of the room before covering it with plastic sheeting or a canvas drop cloth to protect it from spatters. Tuck in the covering and use masking or painter’s tape to secure it.

3. Keep it Clean. Many people make the mistake of not doing any cleaning at all until the painting job is finished. But any dust particles or other Continue Reading…

home paintingWhen decorating any room in your home, the first thing that establishes the foundation for whatever will follow, including flooring, furniture and fixtures, is the basic paint colour. Nowadays, you can find paint in just about any colour on the spectrum, letting your creativity and imagination take free rein.

If you’re deliberately going for a particular effect, however, such as making a smaller space feel more expansive, pay careful attention to the right rules of thumb. Remember that colour choice not only affects the atmosphere of a room, but also the illusion of spaciousness. When you are striving to heighten a sense of roominess without an actual increase in physical space, it’s generally advisable to rein it in a bit for successful home painting and to select lighter and more neutral colours.

Home Painting and Colours that Create the Illusion of Space

In order for a room to appear larger, you generally need to find ways to make it brighter. This is why choosing colours that are lighter or at least more or less neutral is Continue Reading…


home interior painting img1Nowadays, sounder environmental practices are widely observed in painting, design and construction projects. We all know that lead-free paint has been banned for some time now, and with good reason. But customarily, even paint intended for indoor use has contained plenty of toxins and other chemicals that are potentially harmful. Some paint fumes can promote symptoms such as nose and throat discomfort, headaches, nausea, fatigue and dizziness, to name just a few.

Home Interior Painting: Learn About VOCs

When it comes to talking about “greener” paint, you’ll undoubtedly hear the term “VOC,” which stands for volatile organic compound.

VOCs are a group of carbon-based chemicals that are volatile, which simply means that they like to manifest as a gas. The type and amount of VOCs in household paint generally varies with the type and brand of paint, but traditional household paints generally contain plenty of VOCs, including benzene and formaldehyde.

Since they are volatile, VOCs can “off-gas” from walls and other surfaces as the paint is applied and as it dries. Combined with the fact that the paint is usually applied to a fairly large area, this can cause Continue Reading…


Bedroom with Earth Tone ColoursAfter a long day’s work or a tiring time running errands and doing chores, you look forward to retiring to your bedroom for a power nap, to read a book, or to just plain let go of tension and get a good night’s sleep. The bedroom is your escape from the busy world. The colours that surround you there should promote complete restfulness as you drift off, and help bring a calm start to the day when you wake up in the morning.

An experienced Vancouver painter will tell you that one of the most important elements to make your bedroom exude a feeling of complete relaxation and serenity is the colour scheme that’s chosen to paint the walls. Certain colours incite particular moods in people, whether they are soothing and comforting shades, or palettes that excite and stimulate the mind.

A Vancouver Painter Puts You in the Know

Some of the newest trends in bedroom paint colours are the more natural tones. These include shades of tan, gray, green, blue and white. This is the simplest and best way to bring the freshness of the ocean, the silence of the rain forest and the expanse of blue skies into the room without unnecessary clutter in your décor. Colours found in nature are generally Continue Reading…


Even as children, we were sensitive to what crayons we chose for our drawings and colouring books. Whether or not you stayed inside the lines, it really was all about the colours. Choosing them was the fun part, and it brought out our creativity.

Now that you’re all grown up and choosing paint colours for your own home, that sense of fun doesn’t have to disappear. When considering the best choices for your home’s particular style and the atmosphere you want to create, you can feel like a kid again! Colours can be symbols of many things: emotions, power, spirituality… The list is endless, but doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Read on for some basic hints to help you on your way. Continue Reading…


House Painting PlansWhat are some of the first things to consider when painting the interior of a house? Aside from the time and effort involved, there are a number of other important factors to consider, which is why smart people hire skilled, professional residential painters to handle the hassles and do the job right. Consult with a home interior painting expert.

What to Decide Before Home Interior Painting Starts:

1. Theme – Do you have a theme in the house? Do you have several? Some people tend to match the interior of their house with the outside architecture, while others don’t feel the need to meld the two. Many homeowners have several themes in their home, and sometimes even a different one for each room. Think of any and all possible themes you want and where, and decide on the colours that will suit them best.

2. Mood – Aside from thinking about what you want to see inside your house, you should also consider what you want to Continue Reading…


Why do we live in an area like Vancouver? If you’re one of those people who revel in the look and feel of the local scenery, being on the coast is integral to your way of life. Let’s face it: you love being near the water, and all that it evokes.

After a relaxing walk (or a hair-pulling day at the office), you don’t have to lose the serenity of the nearby beach when you step inside. Your bathroom can keep that refreshing feeling alive, and become a place for real rest and relaxation. Let the coastal atmosphere of your bathroom be appealing enough for you to linger a bit longer in the tub. Continue Reading…


Bedrooms, for many people are not just a place to sleep, but a sanctuary away from the noise and chaos of our modern life in this electronic age. We can relax and read a book, take a nap, or do some of our best thinking just staring at that ceiling. Romance has even been known to bloom in that diverse space!

The bedroom doubles as a dressing room. Most people keep their clothes and personal effects there. For ladies it is often their make-up counter as well as shoe store and jewellery safe. It is a wonder there is any ‘room’ for a ‘bed’ in bedrooms at all.

Paint Colours for bedrooms are therefore highly personal. This is a room where pastel shades may be best used as they are soothing and calming. This is one of the few rooms I find the colour blue really works well. If it coordinates with the rest.

Important: When picking the paint colours for your bedroom look first at the items which are definitely remaining as part of the décor. For instance if you have a favourite piece of art that contains a lot of purples and golds you would want to pick colours that complement those colours of this focal point. See my article on the science of colour to learn about complementary colours.

Continue Reading…